The Contributions of Fast Food Restaurant to the Obesity and Declining Health of Americans

We’ve all asked ourselves this question, is junk food really cheaper than healthy food while were sitting in the drive thru at a fast food restaurant. According to “Shocking Fast Food Statistics You Should Know” by Deanna Kidd, about 60% of Americans are overweight or obese mostly because fast food places are so cheap when it comes to fattening food, but fast food companies keep raising the prices on healthy food (Deanna). Obesity is on the rise in the United States because the prices of healthy foods are so much more expensive, and the corporations continue to sell items the same way.

The prices continue to rise and the companies do not seem to care. Affordable food and timing are the reasons people eat at fast food restaurants. Fast food as we call it like McDonalds seems like it would be cheap. Certain items like a McDonald’s Angus Burger, which has 790 calories in it cost 3.99 plus tax, but if you look closely at the salads they are almost five dollars.

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Americans are obese or on the edge because the fast food places we go to are charging more for the healthy things like salads our body needs. While researching McDonalds, I was shocked to see that even the salads were not hea the chicken, and dressing along with all the other delicious condiments you put on them.

I find it ironic that the government is continuing to let fast food chains keep raising prices on healthy food. Corporations should be lowering prices to get people to want to eat healthy, and to stop eating products that can potentially harm them.

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Is eating healthier the better option? Most people agree that eating healthier will make you happier and healthier, but is it worth spending a lot of money to get to the diet you really want. People do not normally go to fast food places to eat a salad they want something fast, or that is convenient for them. Healthy foods take longer to produce, and it ends up using natural or higher qualities of ingredients. To pay for the food at the fast food restaurants people need to spend the money to get the things they want, but are the costumer getting what they asked for?

The salad ratings at McDonalds have went down to 2-3 percent while the dollar menu accounts for 15 percent of sales. In 1987 McDonalds got rid of the salad menu because they were not getting the results that they were looking for, the product that produced better sales were beef or chicken products, but in the early 2000s McDonalds wanted to create a healthier image and brought back the salads. McDonalds is now thinking about making wraps the healthiest thing that they are selling, because they are making better rates than salads.

Why should customers spend that much money on food that grows in the ground, or that they can make their selves? Healthy foods should be less expensive because it does not cost as much to grow the product. Corporate offices are worried about money and getting more business to come spend money on their products. Fast food places continue to sell these produces that make people sick and get diabetes, but are not stopping this epidemic from happening. Fast food places are getting more expensive each year instead of spending money on food that is fattening, made of only sugars people can go to a restaurant for the same price and get something healthy.

In reality most people eat at fast food places because they do not have the time to go out for a nice dinner or they think it will be more expensive. In 2000 a single hamburger was 68 cents now they do not put them on the menu because people like Big Macs instead, but will not spend five dollars on a salad. The pros of eating fast food are the taste sometimes people just crave the junk or for their convenience. The companies do not care they are most likely not eating their own product because they know the risks behind it that regular people do not know.

Why do people want to put oils and sugars into their bodies that can harm us, but are not willing to spending the money on the salad that is expensive? People are constantly wanting to be healthy yet not striving for that goal. There is always a commercial on television about fast food places to make people want to spend their money on them. Can people do something to stop the corporations from raising prices on healthy food so they can help people make better choices for their eating habits, and not spend outrageous amounts of money on something healthy for them?

Fast food chains make the temptations of the food so hard for people to want to eat better. I still find the idea of fast food salads costing more than a cheeseburger ironic people would think that the healthy organic food would be less expensive because it is natural, and people do not need to put that much effort into the product. After researching and learning more about it I feel like our government is doing nothing to stop companies from making people obese with their fattening food and outrageous prices on food that is supposed to be nourishing for the human body.

My view on this ironic subject is that things do need to change and companies need to fix their prices on items that should not be priced a certain way. Companies will always want people to spend money on a five dollar salad to be fit. Think about prices next time you’re in the drive thru wanting a salad or burger, what will the better choice be?

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