The Contribution of India Towards World Peace

India is a peace – loving country and has been the member of the United Nations from the very existence of the United Nation Organisation. India has always played a key role in bringing peace to various countries on war and thus fulfilling the objective of the UNO. It has also been an active member of the various agencies of the UNO like the UNESCO, the WHO and the UNICEF. Once the President of the General Assembly of the UNO was Mrs.

Vijayalakshmi Pandit. India has also been elected as a member of the Security Council. Soon after the World War II, it was observed that many countries of the world got divided into two major groups.

These two groups of various countries could not tolerate any development or progress of the member nations of the other group which was lead by the then Soviet Union. Many countries were tempted to join these groups based on the military pacts. It was appearing that there could be another war the way things were moving.

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Such a war would have stopped the progress and new development activities taking place in India. Poor countries were poised for a great danger to their existence. It was our late Prime Minister Panidt Jawahar Lal Nehru who foresaw the danger and was deeply concerned.

He started consultations and discussions with leaders of various countries like Egypt and Yugoslavia. At the same time, he began to caution the poor nations about the disastrous impacts and consequences of the war and danger to the freedom of these nations.

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Thus leaders of these countries joined under one umbrella and jointly laid down five principles of cooperation with each other. Thus the Non – Aligned Movement took birth and it became a big movement. The starting of Non-Aligned Movement at the initiative of India prevented the small nations from joining military pacts and leading to world peace.

With the passage of time, more and more countries realized its importance and joined in this movement for security of their country. As on date, more than one hundred member nations of the UNO are the members of the Non – Aligned Movement. All these countries want to have peace and get assurance that their freedom is not lost. India has contributed its maximum in echoing the concern of the poor and small nations in the United Nations. During the conflict of Iran – Irag, India had sent its forces to ensure peace. At the request of the UNO, India deputed its soldiers in Korea to bring about peace in that part of the World.

Similar work was also carried out in Zaire. India has always raised its voice against injustice taking place anywhere in the world so that each one has peace. The oppression of the Blacks by the Whites minority in South Africa was strongly opposed by India. A world opinion was formed against South African policy of apartheid (discrimination based on colour) for the Blacks. It argued for equal rights for them and no discrimination against them. Even the cause of freedom for Palestinians from the Israel has been widely supported by the Government of India.

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The Contribution of India Towards World Peace

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