The continuous training

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Sana can use practice methods to work on her specific needs such as shooting, passing and marking. For her shooting she can practice shooting from all different areas of the semi-circle, practicing different techniques of shooting, shooting to reach a specific target e.g. shooting until she constantly scores 10 out of 10 shots, adjusting current position of shooting to a more successful position of shooting and then continuous practice of the new adjustment. For her passing she needs to continuously practice only passing when stable on the ground, practice of passing the ball really quick, within the 3 second time allowed.

Practice should also consist of strong focus of marking techniques.

Outline a 6 week training program that could be used to improve Sana’s overall performance as a netball goal attack player. In order to improve Sana’s performance in netball I am going to set up a personal exercise program for her. The program will include specific practices which will improve her weaknesses and general practices which will maintain her good strengths and improve her overall fitness and endurance.

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I am going to plan my personal exercise program using the FITT principle:

Frequency- I have considered how frequent my programme should be and have come to the conclusion that Sana should practice 3 times a week. Intensity- I am going to make sure my programme includes intense practices so by the end of my 6 week programme Sana can confidently perform well in her previous weak areas without out any hesitance so there is clear dramatic difference.

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I am initially going to make it easier and then over the weeks raise the intensity as hopefully with the progression over the weeks her endurance would have improved.

Time- I am going to make each session 30 minutes long as the training is going to be quite intense and I do not want to strain Sana by the end of each week because it may lead to her not having enough energy to focus on improving her weaknesses, I will also allow at least a minimum of a one day gap between sessions so Sana has time to recover. Type- I will need to vary the types of training practices over the six weeks I will start the programme with general training like circuit, continuous and fartlek training. I will then set up specific practices to improve her shooting, passing, and marking skills.

How I will apply my three methods of training: Circuit Training: my circuit training will consist of continuous vaulting, press-ups, astride jumps, sit-ups, short shuttle runs and pull ups. Continuous Training: Continuous training improves endurance (aerobic capacity). The continuous training I am using in the personal exercise program for Sana is going to be running. Fatlek Training: Fartlek training is useful to enhance the aerobic and anaerobic system which is very useful for Sana as netball requires both the aerobic and anaerobic systems. The Fartlek training I will include in my personal exercise programme for Sana will be cycling. Although I will include these methods of training to increase Sana fitness levels, my main focus will be improving Sana’s weaknesses and I will use these techniques just to maintain her good endurance.

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The continuous training
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