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The Conspiracy Surrounding Princess Diana’s Death Essay

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Princess Diana captured the imagination of the world. Hers was a story that seems to have leaped from the book of fairy tales. She used to be an unassuming Kindergarten teacher, plucked from obscurity by a Prince who decided to marry her and make her the future Queen of England. The hype and the sensationalism did little to strengthen a marriage that was doomed from the start. The Princess filed for divorce and left her Prince to find solace in the arms of another man.

That would have been enough to cap an extraordinary and bizarre tale but there is more.

Sixteen years after the couple said I do, Princess Diana was killed in an automobile accident and to this day – a decade or so later – conspiracy theories abound that it was no accident. This paper will examine the details surrounding her death and will set to prove that it was no more than a tragic accident. Background Almost every adult who was alive in the 20th century and living in the Free World would have known about the wedding of the century.

It was a fairy tale moment taken straight from a children’s book of fairy tales.

It was a familiar script, of an ordinary young girl, whose lineage can be traced back to a long forgotten royal family, but now suffering from obscurity had found true love. It was no ordinary relationship because the man that swept her off her feet is a true-to-life prince, Prince Charles of Whales. After her marriage the young lady was transformed from being a commoner into Princess Diana. The world was mesmerized, not only by the story but by her beauty. She was not like the other royals.

Maybe the world was fond of her because they considered her as someone like them, someone that they can relate to knowing that there was a time when she was mortal and not a goddess. The world’s hunger to know more about her could not be easily satisfied by watching from a distance during the times when Princess Diana had to leave the protective confines of the castle and perform her duties as a member of England’s royal family. The obsession with the Princess had to be satisfied by colored pictures taken whether she was in public or in private.

It took a short time for photojournalists and the paparazzi to understand that her pictures are worth a small fortune. The more candid the shot, the more expensive it will cost and therefore her life in the limelight strengthened an already burgeoning industry where stolen shots can generate thousands of dollars in income. Needless to say the pictures taken without her consent would prove to be much more valuable than those that are taken during public outings. This is because the public will be able to have a glimpse as to what a privilege and royal life looks like.

If Princess Diana chose to keep silent about her bad marriage and continued to stay on course like a dutiful wife to a man destined to become the King of England, she would still create a media circus. But in her life showbiz and politics are mixed together so well that the public could not have enough of her. When the world discovered that her marriage was not supposed to end happily ever after, the paparazzi zoomed in with their telephoto lens to document every moment.

Aside from the birth of her two sons, William and Harry and the knowledge that she had sired an heir to the throne of England – perpetuating a dynasty – her marital problems were the favorite topic for gossip. This intense media glare was about to get hotter when she decided that she suffered enough and therefore she will file for divorce. One look at Queen Elizabeth II and the serious demeanor of Prince Charles will reveal that in this protocol restricted family divorce is not something that they will even begin to contemplate.

But at the end she got her wish and broke away from the oppressive environment of British royalty. By this time she is more famous than ever. Her popularity soared to the roof when she began doing charitable work. If in the past she endeared herself to the masses because of her commoner background this time she was more loved because as a woman of wealth, power, and privilege she decided to humble herself and stoop to the level of the needy and the desperate. If only the world had known that in her innermost being she was desperate too.

She was desperate enough to have rumored affairs but no one can prove a thing. All of that changed when she decided to be intimate with Dodi Al Fayed. If her marriage to Prince Charles can be compared to a story taken from the book of fairy tales, her new relationship with Dodi Al Fayed was like a script taken from a low budget movie. Here is a rich, thirty-something divorcee who was part of the creme de la creme of English society who decided to taunt the world by kissing an outsider. Unlike in the movies the outcast in the story was no poor man.

Dodi Al Fayed was the son of Mohammed Al Fayed, who owned the world famous Harrods department store among other very expensive properties. The controversy lies in the fact that he was no Englishman. In fact he is of Egyptian descent and to top it all he is a Muslim. To make matters more interesting it was revealed that Mohamed Al Fayed’s brother in-law was the infamous billionaire arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi (Simmons & Seward, 216). The above-mentioned information can easily fire up the imagination of the public.

They will simply have to fast forward 30 years down the road, Prince William would have been all grown up, an heir to the throne of England but at the background one can also see his step-father a Muslim and together with him his half-brother or half-sister who may look like him but with a slight difference. One does not have to be a racist to be drawn into this real-life soap opera. The game is on and as usual the most daring paparazzo can make a killing by simply taking a few precious photographs of Diana and of her rich playboy friend.

The Accident The rumor about the great sum of money paid to the one who got the most candid photo may have driven the paparazzi to take more risks and to be more persistent. As Princess Diana, Dodi Al Fayed, their driver Henri Paul and bodyguard left the Ritz Hotel in Paris the birds of prey swooped in hoping to get that priceless photograph. The black Mercedes that the couple used to quickly evade the swarm of motorcycle and scooters carrying paparazzi was moving at a speed twice over the limit.

The car entered the tunnel on Paris’ Place de l’Alma and struck a concrete divider (Chua-Eoan, et al. , 1). The car apparently cartwheeled, rolling over a full 360 degrees and spinning around nearly 180 degrees (Chua-Eoan, et al. , 1). Witnesses heard an explosion but when they came closer they saw that some of the paparazzi that followed the car were still in the tunnel taking pictures. The chauffeur Henri Paul and Dodi Al Fayed were pronounced dead on the spot. Princess Diana and her bodyguard appeared to be clinging for life (Chua-Eoan, et al. , 2).

They were both rushed to a hospital but the princess was pronounced dead some time later. The whole world was once again transfixed to their TV sets as they followed the ordeal of Princess Diana (Gray & Hillenbrand, 1). When the news broke out that she was dead there was an overflow of grief from all over the globe. Conspiracy Theories The website, Conspire. com received its first e-mail regarding the death of Princess Diana – asserting that the princess was killed by British secret operatives – within minutes of the initial news of the crash on August 31, 1997 (Roeper, 24).

This would provide a clue that there is nothing to this allegation except that it is a conspiracy theory created by those who could not accept the untimely death of both Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. It was not surprising to know that the most avid advocate that there was indeed a plot to kill the couple was no one else but the father of Dodi, Mohamed Al Fayed. Here are his reasons why British operatives killed her son and the princess: Prince Philip and Prince Charles were horrified at the idea that the mother of the future king of England will marry a Muslim and giver her sons, possibly a half-brother who also would be Muslim.

The only solution is murder (Roeper, 25). A former British MI6 agent Richard Tomlinson, who was imprisoned in 1997 made a claim that the driver Henri Paul had links to the British spy network further feeding the rumor that indeed there was a plot to kill (Crowdy, 53). From the looks of it there is probable cause. The murder could save England’s royal family from the scandal that would have resulted if Princess Diana would bear children to Dodi Al Fayed. Debunking the Conspiracy But a careful analysis of the accident will reveal that there was no foul play. After a painstaking, three-year, $8 million investigation, the former head of Scotland Yard – John Stevens – issued an 832-page report confirming what common sense and all previous inquiries had suggested: that Diana, Princess of Wales, was killed in a Paris car accident because her chauffeur was drunk and speeding as he tried to outrace paparazzi on motorbikes” (Mcallister, 1). There was no assassination plot. The CIA, MI6 or MI5 was not involved in a cover-up. It was simply an accident.

The following information also strengthens the verdict that there was no plot to murder the princess: • Diana had known Dodi Al Fayed for only six weeks. Friends were saying that there was no indication that the relationship will even progress to the next level; • Diana was not pregnant. An autopsy was performed after her death. • Diana was no longer a member of the royal family. She can whatever she likes. • There was alcohol and drugs found in the system of Henri Paul, the driver; • There was not a shred of evidence that would have supported a conspiracy to murder; Aside from Scotland Yard, a two-year investigation by the French, with more than 30 detectives interviewing 300 witnesses and yielding a 6,000 page report revealed that it was an accident (Roeper, 27). This conspiracy theory, just like the remains of Princess Diana should be laid down to rest.

Conclusion The conspiracy theorists who love to create fantastic stories about famous people and famous events could not resist manufacturing one on the night of August 31, 1997. A few moments after the report that Princess Diana was involved in a traffic accident and was in critical condition, a conspiracy theory began spreading like wildfire.

It was insinuated that her death was not an accident but the result of plot to assassinate her and her Muslim boyfriend because the British establishment could not afford another scandal. The playful imagination of conspiracy theorists could not resist the urge to invent scenarios in their head and the most enduring is the picture of a pregnant Princess Diana carrying the child of a Muslim. But a careful study of the evidence and interviews of hundred of witnesses will reveal that there is no reason why someone would put together a plot to murder one of the most beloved women of the 20th century.

Moreover, there was no indication that Princess Diana will be engaged to the playboy millionaire Dodi Al Fayed and most importantly she was not pregnant. Aside from that there was no shred of evidence that would lead investigators to believe that there was a conspiracy to murder the couple. At the end, medical examiners and seasoned detectives from both England and France concluded that it was drunk driving together with the shameless tactics of paparazzi that caused the horrible accident.

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