The Consequences of Choosing Abortion

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The am only writing the defence of innocent babies conceived through fonication only to be murdered by their own biological mothers through abortion. Abortion is another evil bedeviling our spinsters, robbing them of their future fruitfulness and happiness when finally married . Its already bad to fornicate but it’s worse to abort (kill) You can’t use a greater evil to hide a lesser crime . A foetus is a human even its a day old , “ thou shall not kill “ . I am not only disturbed by the alarming rate of abortion nowadays among young ladies, I am seriously worried about the rate at which underaged girls regularly take self prescribed pregnancy prevention pills without knowing its after effects on their womb .

I don’t encourage immorality but advise every spinster carrying any so called unwanted pregnancy never to unfortunate situation only for a while but you can move on with your life to be happy ever after with your child . Consequently, if you develop incurable complications through abortion people will have to laugh at you all through your lifetime.

What will you tell god if you die in the process of trying to kill the baby in your own womb ( which is also a heritage from the lord ) THINK and DECIDE . Do you know a lot of ladies who spent their monies on several abortions as spinsters are finally married and they are presently spending their fortunes as well to seek for conception . Spinsters beware and be wise .

Why should a lady who consented to sexual ( being process of pregnancy ) even turn around to call it an unwanted pregnancy .

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some of the men who impregnate and lure our sisters to this heinous act of abortion are usually not affected on the long run because they most time end up getting married to someone else who may be fertile and if they are still fruitful they will bear children with ease while the ladies who have been rendered barren as a result of the series of abortions done of their sake is being totally abandoned, left alone to suffer her abject perpetual and excruciating pain . I am truly very very sorry for those who have has to live with the consequences of choosing abortion. My heart grieves for those women who may been forced or that abortion is the only answer. Unfortunately the feelings of guilt are consequences and are direct result of their choice. Those who have the choice to turn to Jesus who loves them in spite of their choices and they can choose to use their story to promote life .

But anyone who is considering abortion because they fear the pain or inconveniences of pregnancy, delivery, raising a child or allowing someone , or allowing some else adopt your child i say this : guilt is worse. When it arrives often long after the event it can be deep ,raw and persistent it has the potential to decimate one’s well being . i know that many people even those who do not initially find anything wrong with abortions, struggle with guilt later on . i can also testify that , unlike the pains of guilt , the pains of giving life tempered by incredible joy . And so out of genuine love and concern please choose the joy. Most women who have have legal abortions often have serious consequences regarding their future health, fertility, and psychological/emotional problems. In the United States, abortion was generally not life threatening long before it became legal in 1973. Maternal mortality is determined to a much greater extent by the overall quality of maternal health care than by the legal status or availability of abortion.

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