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The Concept of Sustainability in Engineering


Human society is fulfilled with lots of discoveries and developments. Sustainability is the concept to the relationships between human and nature. Sustainability is the study that analyzes how natural systems are different and produce everything they need to be balanced with the environment. It admits that human civilization will take resources to uphold our modern life. There are numerous examples of human history, where a civilization has damaged its own environment and seriously affected its own variations. Sustainability helps to live in harmony with the surrounding natural world.

And it is also protect from damage and destruction. Now we live in a large urban environment in modern consumer and developed world and every day we consume a lot natural resources. In our urban centers, we have more energy than people living in rural institutions. In the second half of the 20th century and the starting of the 21st century environmental and natural resource problems play a major role every work.

Now increasing population and wealth give rise to pressure on water, air, crop land, and raw materials.

Conservation of the nature of the natural resources systems and the environment are the parts of sustainability was joined to human controlled ecological system from the past to the present. The concept of sustainability was joined to human joined ecological system from the past to the present. Sustainability engineering that is the process designing and the processes of operating systems. This designing and operating systems use energy. These are also resources sustainably. Sustainable engineering does not destroy the environment natural.

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And it is also the ability of our future generations to meet their self needs. if we use all resources, then our future generation opposite many problems. Currently engineers will need to design for efficiency of energy, efficiency of mass and low environmental problems. Now every engineer must consider wastes from engineering processes and products. Sustainability is the most powerful concept currently. Brundtland Report Commission tells about sustainability as “meeting the needs of present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs”. Integrating sustainability in products, processes, technologies and services in engineering is generally an integration of environmental, economic and social factors in design estimates. Current period natural resources are destroyed.

The consistency of engineering design tools is now available to some of the quantitative tools to integrate social dimensions. There are many differences of traditional engineering and sustainable engineering. Traditional engineering only considers process or objects. But sustainable engineering considers the total system. That will use objects or process. Traditional engineering focuses only on technical issues. But sustainable engineering focuses both technical and non technical issues in cooperation. And the traditional engineering solves the immediate problems. But sustainable engineering strives to solve the infinite future problems. Traditional engineering considers the local context. But sustainable engineering considers the global context. Traditional engineering assumes others will only deal with political, societal, and ethical issues. But sustainable engineering acknowledges the need to contact the experts related to the issue in lines. Engineering in the environment, engineering of a conscience, engineering for a limited planet and an infinite future are the principles of sustainable engineering. Standard engineering should be based on the principles create an interface between engineering design and processing and production. Standard engineering principles should be considered in order to ensure technical development and measurement by the following the environmental malfunction. A number of initiatives have been made by educational institutions that create sustainable engineering principles. We need to create a balance solution for any engineering problem.

Application of Sustainable Principles in Product and Process Innovation

Over the years, large industrial capacity of mankind development and its ability have been mark of innovation era. Developing industries and technologies are combined into daily life. These are combined by becoming necessary to the modern life. The product innovation process is based on lean innovation principles and consists of several modules and product management, voice of the customer and efficient delivery of innovation projects. New innovation projects are developed in a similar way across the group and based on the reduce and reuse, and recycle principles. Now waste production is increasing problem and it is also standing as a major problem to be solved. Now we live sustainability will be able to give favorable environmental conditions to our future generation. It is necessary to become sensible about environmental general impressions of all mankind production activities. Every products and process innovation must be human friendly and sustainability.

Every business must be responsibility to the environment. That business is good business. Green projects are good application for sustainable principles. These green product and processes like to prevent the environment, produce the eco friendly things and reduce costs. It helps to meet increasing customer demand, move forward government regulations. These are good for the environment. Every product must have eco advantage. We can achieve the eco advantage in many ways. Everyone must improving product and services. They are should be based on green processes. We must minimize wastages by products and designing to recycling and eco innovation. Our business can be improve its green brand and increase and protect its brand by gaining knowledge into the chain. Oracle acknowledges as a global corporation by its environmental responsibility. And it is also enable its facilities and employees to decrease the natural resources. Minimize and recycle the waste, emphasize sustainable resources.

The Green building is the one of the application of sustainable principles. It is the application of processes. That processes are environmentally responsible and resource efficient. Building’s life cycle have many stages. They are planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition. Green building design affects of economy, useful, durability and comfort. Green building’s common purpose is to reduce the all pressure of the environment on human health and also the natural environment. It can be produce the desired effect by using energy, water and other resources. And it is also reducing waste, pollution and environmental degeneration. Green building concept takes action to reduce the environmental impact. Another concept is natural building. It is a smaller scale and tends. It builds by use of natural materials. The natural materials are available in local area. Every building must be as small as possible.

The most energy efficient, environmental sound methods are used in design and construction. The green buildings bring together a wide range of practices, techniques, and capabilities to reduce the effects of environmental and human health and finally eliminate them. The renewable resources are using sunlight through active and passive solar, photovoltaic equipment, using plants and trees through green roofs, rain gardens and reduction of rainwater runoff. It emphasizes the benefits of renewable sources. Many techniques are used, such as the use of low impact control materials or the use of concrete or concrete conventional replacement of ground water. The process or techniques in the green building is continuously evolving, from which the basic underlying principles vary, and they continue from the systematic means.

Sustainable energy is important compared to its supply and coping parallel effects, especially environmental effects. Another common definition of sustainable energy helps to meet the essential needs of future generation needs. Renewable energy is not a solidarity for sustainable energy. Renewable energy is naturally defined as one that is filled with human timescale. Constant energy does not compromise the point of accepting the point of not being ineligible to provide for future needs. Sustainability principle for sustainable development is a widespread development, including four interconnected domain. They are ecology, economics, politics and culture. Every technology encourages sustainable energy usage. Examples of sustainable energy are solar energy, hydroelectricity, wind energy, wave energy, geothermal energy, bio energy and other technologies. These renewable energy sources are designed to improve energy efficiency. Costs have been declining throughout the year and continue to decline. Increasing effective government policies support investor confidence and expand these markets. Environmental sustainability from fossil fuels results in significant improvement in energy transfer. Many studies support renewable energy.

Application Sustainable Principles in Entrepreneurship

Sustainability has become a important concept. It extends future environment protection to economic development and social justice. Introduce the sustainable products, processes and services will change future generation’s problems. And also it will protect the nature and other resources. Entrepreneurship is innovate behavior of individuals and organizations of operating private business sector. They are seeing environmental and social issues as competitive advantage and core objective. Future product, processes and services focus on sustainable entrepreneurs in protecting natural, life style and community to pursue potential opportunities for profit, where profits are widespread economic end economic benefits at home and society. Innovation and exploitation of economic opportunities through the generation of market disorder generate the departmental transformation to the environmental and socially sustainable state. Every entrepreneur realizes that knowledge is more valuable money. In entrepreneurship we use different type of renewable resources. So that occupation will last a long time.

Solar energy, wind power, wave power are renewable sources. If we use them in the entrepreneurship, then that project will run long time. So that environment will protect and our future generation will live happily by getting their necessary needs. Sustainable flooring is a application of sustainability in entrepreneurship. Sustainable flooring is made from sustainable materials. And also it makes by the sustainable process. Many initiatives bring awareness of sustainable flooring. It is a eco friendly product. Flooring products have less environmental impacts than other flooring. It helps to take works for many entrepreneurs. Sustainable dancing club is other example. This sustainable dance floor is the energy dance floor. It changes kinetic energy of dancing to produce electricity. Entrepreneurs use this electricity and do many works. It is a sustainable energy. And always we get it. So our process will run long time .

Application of Sustainable Principles in Design

Sustainable design has used in multiple disciplines. They are product design, architecture design, interior design and graphic design. Sustainable design is the process that made of environmental friendly. And also it regards natural resources. Sustainable design is the practice of designing buildings. These products live in harmony with nature. Many organizations try to achieve low consumption of earth resources to reach a better future for our future generation. Everyone must understand condition of our sustainable world. Every designer plays a major role in giving solutions for increasing consumption of natural resources. Designer must consider about the product or process or services the he innovate. New innovate product or services must ensure lower consumption of resources and reduce waste. Every product has sustainable solutions. The designer must think about consumer feedback. He thinks first design and developed it sustainability. There are many principles of sustainable design. They are form, function and usability, cost effective solutions, renewable energy, materials and recycling, durable design solutions.

The form is the main part of a design. It presents the visual shape of a product. Designer must think about how will this product shape affect consumption of energy, fuel emissions, transportation costs, and how will the size affect the packaging. Sustainable principles help to reduce fuel usage, emissions and transportation costs. The usability and the function of good product contribute sustainability indirectly. It helps customers by use it easily, less time for using, and use less energy. People do not like to use hard to use production. Then they throw away that product. It causes the environmental pollution. So usability of product is an important think of designing. Every designer must consider about the cost of product. If we increase the cost of sustainable product then customers cannot buy that products and they are attacked by unsustainable products. It will cause for unbalanced environment.

Therefore every designer takes attention about reducing cost of sustainable products. Now carbon energy usage become as a main problem. Designers must stop using carbon energy. If designers use the carbon energy in designing products, then it will cause environmental pollution. So our future generation will face many problems. Such as green house effect, global warming etc. Designers can use wind farms and solar panels when they produce the products. These energy sources are renewable. So always use it without problems. Materials are the main part of design. It plays a major role in designing. Sustainable design materials must be recycled easily and recreate by short time. Every product must be recycled fully or changed complete as a new product. Sustainable design is most important general reaction because now human population increases day to day. Beauty and sustainable, emotionally durable design, sustainable architecture, sustainable landscape and garden design, sustainable agriculture, domestic machinery and furniture are the examples of sustainable design. Sustainable principles are very important in design.

Practical Implications and Solutions

We accomplish environmental rules to make sure our works today life. It also makes safe stable and healthy environment to our future generation. Now many industries use the burning of fossil fuels. It is caused of green house gases in the atmosphere. It changes the global climate. Water is main part of our all operations. It is also the natural resource. Water used in ecosystems and economic development. Life cycle thinking is protecting the environment and preserving the resources. Energy gives ability to world economic development and human improvement.

Sustainable development is about every human, and human’s well being and equality of human’s relationship with each other. This sustainable development helps to balance the nature society and social stability. Climate change is the important factor in the sustainable development. Because climate change connects with services , economic productions, human societies and settlements. Climate change depending on the size of the geographical location, the department of economics, already existing economic and social development, there is a possibility that human development can affect many positive or strong features. Because the settlements and the industry are largely the reduction and adaptation, the core points for the formulation and operation of the policy, these interconnections will be in the heart of developmental responses about concerns about climate change.

The most serious issues of sustainable development connected with climate change influences are threats to vulnerable areas, current storm tracks have specific attention to the coastal areas, serious events that can sustainability of communities and cultures. Impacts of climate change on the path of development include the effects of climate change awareness policies. These policies may influence options for the development of a wide range of development and tourism forms that competitive with energy sources and expenditures. Specially, as for fossil fuels, areas and sectors may be economically vulnerable, frequently ask for adaptation techniques that require assistance in developing in some cases, technology development and transfer fund.

There are some main goals of sustainable development. Sustainable development helps to poverty of its forms. It also encourages the sustainable agriculture, improve nutrition, reach food protection and end hungry. Sustainable development makes sure the healthy lives, promote necessary needs for human being. It also helps to maintain sustainable management of water and sanitation. It also promotes sustained and it is also gives full and productive employment and economic growth. It helps to maintain sustainable industrialization and increasing innovation. Sustainable development reduces the inequality of each other and among countries. It helps to make sustainable, safe, inclusive human settlements and cities. Conserve and sustainably use the seas, oceans, and marine resources for development of sustainability. It also helps to promote peaceful and inclusive societies. Now sustainable development is becoming as important for all of us. Sustainable development gives a good life not only us but also our future generation. As a human being we must think about our future generation. So we must protect our environment balance. Sustainable development helps many ways for our future. The concept of sustainability in engineering must be important.

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