The Concept Of Emotional Intelligence Essay

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The Concept Of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence simply refers to the ability to accurately use emotions in a productive way. The systematic study of emotional intelligence is often dated to the early beginning of the last century when articles suggested that the ability to reason about emotions and use emotions as a positive influence over thoughts. The articles presented the concept in a subtle way and have long since being studied and explained explicitly.

What is emotional Intelligence? It has been defined by a four-model outline by Mayer and Salovey as the ability to:

· Accurately perceive emotions in oneself and others: This describes the ability to detect expressions of emotions in others and also in oneself. Therefore, the distinct trait of distinguishing emotions from other components of a person’s personality and psyche, and the influence of that on the contemporary events is described as a component of emotional intelligence

· Use emotions to facilitate thinking: Initiating thoughts and maintaining a productive pace may be difficult without such influences as the elements of emotions, the ease to accomplish this task is emotional intelligence.

· Understand emotional meanings. Here, an individual with a unique capacity to understand emotional meanings is also emotional intelligent.

· Manage emotions; this is anther component of emotion that is very vital. Most wars and misunderstandings have receives unwarranted responses because of the inability to effectively manage emotions, as a tool of human survival. Many daily battles that mark our interactions would have been avoided if we can understand the other person, their motives and effectively manage our emotions in such a way that promotes harmony and peace. This can be achieved when there is a balance between expression of positive and negative emotions; an emotional intelligent knows how to harness this balance.

Therefore, the high EI individual can accurately perceive emotions in self and in others that he daily interacts with, use them in thought, understand their meanings, and manage emotions, than others. The individual is open, and highly sociable; he is able to develop interactions quickly better than others. He can initiate relationships and makes friends easily. Thus, he can be involved in works than demand direct interaction like teaching and counseling more so than to occupations involving clerical or administrative tasks.

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