The Concept of Beauty

Littering is the filthiest thing ever. It destroys the beauty of our campus. The problem is many students throw things out the window or just throws trash on the ground and hallways.
Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t litter on your campus or just in general. Students are so lazy; they dump their garbage wherever they want. The don’t have any kind of pride for their school. Students don’t even have a consequence for their actions.

These students spend 6 hours a day at school, why do they want their campus, look dirty? I wonder if their homes are like this, as well.

No one should littler it makes the earth look gross and the toxins from the trash could be bread bacteria and may contain diseases. Humans, animals, and nature all are affected by humans’ litter. Humans, littering can cause danger to the public health, fire hazards, Litter directly affects the tourist in our town, with a major college right down the street.

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Creatures are the most affected by humans littering They can be tangled in materials like metal and plastic. f food is littered on the ground, animals can become intrigued and venture away from their natural habitats. Animals can be poisoned by spoiled food, wrappers and containers that can be ingested. This can be led to sickness, internal health problems and sometimes it can endanger or kill wildlife.

Keep America Beautiful and keep our school campus clean and green!! The evidence of littering on our campus is: the books all over the ground, with pages and pages of paper in the bushes.

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Pens, pencils, chip bags, ice cream wrappers and water bottles. The lunchroom can be so gross, students not throwing away their lunches. This causes stress on the teachers, janitors and custodians. There are many injuries that can happen with litter. The student’s think there is no consequences at school.

The school needs to find ways to give the students reward. First, we need to teach the students the ‘Pick It Up’ movement. This reinforces Students social responsibility for the care of the neighborhood. Need to make them accountable for their actions and to understand what could happen in the real world.

Weeklong Litter Campaign, education our students about why we shouldn’t litter and keeping our school campus clean.Add more recycling bins and garbage cans
Those who clean pick up trash without asking. Student gets 1 panther ticket. If they get 25 tickets, win a 5-dollar McDonald’s gift card.Make a cleanup day, have students come out and clean up the campus.
student (s) who get caught littering, instead of giving them detention, we have them go clean up all the trash around the building.
I propose the off April 20-24, we educate our students and On Wednesday April 22, we clean up the school yard together.

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