The Concept Analysis in a Nursing Case

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Concept is a notion or idea conceived in the mind through studying, observation and listening. Some people perceive it as a generalized idea from a massive instance (Heslop, 2014). Since it appears to be diverge, it can be considered to have variable meaning with regard to the context into which it is applied. In nursing and health care, the definition of concept seems to differ as compared from other disciplines. In this disciplines it appears that health and nursing as a concept have different meaning for different people.

For example, health administrators such as world health organization define health as a state where a person has a complete social mental and physical well-being, but not necessarily being free from diseases (Robert, 2014).

Relating the understanding of this concept with other non-medical disciplines, one can cite a significant difference of the word concept as perceived by other people. For example, the public setting regard health as a state of being free from diseases. This notion appears to be different from that of biomedical administrators such as WHO.

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Apparently, understanding the concept of nursing also seems to be perceived differently in various disciplines. It happens to be so diverge such that even the people around the nursing environment themselves appears to have different understanding pertaining the nursing concept (Heslop, 2014). For example, according to the national nursing association, nursing entails collaborative care to a diverse population regardless of their age and state of well-being among other settings. Seemingly, other nursing experts perceive it as a preventive care to illnesses as well as promotion and advocacy of a clean environment that predispose diseases.

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