The Comparison of Paper Book and E-Book

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Paper book has been playing a key role in our lives for many hundreds of years. However, its challenger comes out in the last decade, which is e-book (electronics book). E-book is so differentiated from paper book to be considered innovative. More and more people like e-book and hardly purchase paper book. Therefore, recently publishers usually supply both types of books to readers. There are a lot of differences between paper book and e-book. I summarize three major points: Firstly, people need to preserve one copy for every paper book, which is heavy and takes space.

On the contrary, if people choose e-book, no matter how many books they buy, each person just needs to carry one e-book reader, which is light and small. An e-book reader usually stores thousands of e-books. A paper book library can occupy a whole building while a e-book library can be stored on a server that can take just one or a few cabinets. It also means one person can carry out thousands of books in her or his handbag when travelling.

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Secondly, with the same content, paper book is much more expensive than e-book primarily because paper books need to be printed with papers.

Differently, after edited, e-books are uploaded onto server and to be downloaded onto e-book readers. You can say the servers are the warehouse for e-books. No printing is the reason why the cost of e-book is so low. Thirdly, some people argue that it could harm our eyes to read e-books because the light of the screen of the reader irritates our eyes for so long time.

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Yes, it was true a few years ago. However, it does not matter now because the e-book readers are able to simulate ink and paper. Watching e-book is as comfortable as reading paper book. Many people are wondering if paper book is going to die.

In my opinion, paper book and e-book will co-exist. Paper books will become artwork in the future, which people would like to collect just like painting, stamp, coin and note, etc. Besides, the e-book reader is unable to work anywhere. For example, it is difficult to find the socket to charge with e-book reader in Tibet. All in all, they both are the tools for preservation and dissemination of knowledge. It is so wonderful to offer the options for people to select paper book or e-book based on habits, interests and/or convenience. Most important, it is able to help people get more fun from reading.

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The Comparison of Paper Book and E-Book

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