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The Comparison and Feature Similarities Essay

Essay Topic:

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Now comes the interesting part, distinguishing how two completely different advertisements use similar features and techniques to sell products and also compare their varied approach to the reader first lets just pick out the similarities and discuss why these similarities may have occurred; Use of images, very common, both have images present and also bold fonts and titles that stand out against their background colour Use of “beautiful people” both people used in the adverts have white teeth are not over weight etc Both contain the logo of their product somewhere in the advert, and also the logos both seem to be situated towards the end of the advert Both people in the image are in their natural state for that particular time, in the morning for breakfast, and at night ready for bed, the attire of both people is nothing exceptional and this will relate to all the ordinary people reading the advert.

We can see that these similarities mainly relate to the images and the people in the images.

This is because the editor needs to make the reader feel special and no different from the any one else and that what Ruby Wax or the lady from the Kellogg’s advert does can be done by the reader in just the same way, whether it means having the same furniture, or eating the same cereal, people always find celebrity related products make them exceptional from the others.

Comparison Now lets compare the few features that are in both and see how they differ and why this may be; There is a lot less colour used in the Kellogg’s advert compared to the MFI one, this maybe because in the furniture world colour schemes play a big role and the last thing people want is the wrong colour couches for example. Whereas in the world of cereal colour is not such a big issue whereas taste would be the same thing for Kellogg but the other way round, but colour attracts attention when reading a magazine so this may be a flaw to the Kellogg’s advert or maybe the MFI just has too much colour it depends.

In the MFI advert there is far less text involved that in the Kellogg’s one, this is because the main feature of furniture is how it looks, and the best way to sell furniture is to picture it, in full colour and matching its surroundings whereas in terms of cereal factual information such as nutrition details are required and the effects of the cereal, and time periods before you can see the results all add to the better chance of selling the product.

Both adverts include a logo at the end of the advert so to speak, and this is a shared feature, they will both want the same result, this is for the reader to remember the name of the brand over all so at least if the name is remembered then all the details will follow when the person sees the name again. Both scenarios are “perfect” all the place is tidy and matching in the MFI advert, and the same in the other not that there is much to be messy but the people are all clean, hair done brilliant smile etc, this adds to the attraction and also allows the reader to associate themselves with these people via the product.

In both the adverts the positioning of the wording has to be just right, this especially true in the Kellogg’s advert as I had identified that mapping theory, this would not be effective at all if the wording was not correctly positioned and also in the MFI advert, if the text was bang in the middle then that would spoil the view of the immaculate bedroom which is the MFI adverts key feature for attracting readers. So the text is place in the corner out of the way giving the main image plenty of space to be recognised.


So now after analysing two separate adverts we can get quite a clear image of how advertising works and how all its little features add up to successfully sell their product to the wide range of viewers out there, of course there are many different ways of selling a product and to be sure, we have only covered a small amount of the advertising world but from this assignment we have certainly understood how advertising works and the many ways there are to sell something and the many ways people can play with your mind to make you want what they are selling.

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