The company’s efforts Essay

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The company’s efforts

Explain some of the company’s efforts to localize its offerings and describe how Successful these efforts were. What could have been done differently?

Think local, Act local.

Think local, Act local. This is company’s efforts to localize its offerings. Global business philosophy changes 3A to 3P principle, 3A is Availability, Affordability, Acceptability. It meaning is to make customers buy get, affordable, willing to buy. 3P is Pervasiveness, Price to value, Preference.

(2) Held Activities

Coca cola localized their products is based on countries’ culture such as Malaysia is Coke EURO 2012 “Buka Coca-Cola, Buka Semangat Bola” contest. And McDonald’s introduced about the World Cup drinking cup in the 2012 World Cup. Besides, Coca cola localized in China through the Chinese design in Beijing Olympics. Beijing Olympic Games torch bearer selection, Coca Cola to provide 18 places. As a global partner of Beijing Olympic Torch Relay , Coca-Cola ( China ) Beverages Ltd. officially announced : [ Coca-Cola ] Olympic torchbearer selection Shanghai area started , the selection of the theme “Who lit the flame of my heart ” to the public 18 torchbearers places the Olympic spirit and the ” journey of Harmony ” theme brought to every corner of Shanghai .

(3) Indication marks

The other belongs to the Coca-Cola company brand drinks of all the packaging and advertising, it is the emblem “and the Coca-Cola company honor cooperation. For example, Sprite, Fanta .The words, this is actually in the ascension and strengthening Coca-Cola brand. In addition, with the local brand beverage friendly cooperative relations, as well as local brand beverage special affinity, Coca-Cola has a better relationship. (4) Advertisement

Through the advertisement implants, also can improve the local people accept rate, and local phase fusion, increase sales. For example, the bottle of packaging is the local custom picture.

In the development of any drinks can use original brand sales channels, like this is advantageous to quickly open the market, but also can greatly reduce the cost. Coke, Sprite, fanta and so on three brand sales ratio roughly 2:2:1, development basic equilibrium. From several brand reputation, reputation to market sales, show integral consistent, distinct features, taste and can achieve complementary.

According to the characteristics of the Chinese market, the Coca-Cola company expanding their drinks varieties, from oolong tea to the new age style of fruit punch, high heat energy drinks, and even to the most ancient drinking water. So which is more in line with the tastes of the locals , and make it easier for everyone to accept. localize its offerings after, Products with the local people more close contact, from popularity and good reputation degree, market sales, can have very big promotion.

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