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The communication plan Essay

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The communication plan

For instance if the target market has been decided to be the highest earning groups and wealthy teenagers and youngsters, as we suggest, then the marketing strategy has to take a certain course of action. The communication plan will only be successful if the company is able to firstly strengthen the brand position in the market. Apart from television and posh magazines it is important to give thrust to the brand by holding launch events and parties.

Since the product line is being launched with the name of a topline model it would not be very difficult for the model to persuade the who’s who of fashion to pay a visit to a launch at the store or through a fashion show. Such an event or a series of such events in different fashion cities of the world will generate huge amounts of media publicity and awareness amongst the target market. This launching strategy could pave the way for eventually customizing this product line for the greater middle class. (OPCUK, n. d. )

The right kind of hype and media coverage can distinguish between a successful product and a not so popular one. Television is such a powerful medium that big events such as world cup finals, superbowl finals, major golf events attract billions of cumulative audiences worldwide. Therefore a well directed advertisement can generate positive viewership of the brand. A lot of the consumers especially in the high earning group have become technology savy and they expect good brands to offer a complete range of their offerings on the website or some forum.

This calls for investment in a website or some online forum so that people could have a detailed look at some of the designs. In today’s world top brands understand the importance of billboards and poster advertisement as almost the great majority of drivers do observe an out of the ordinary billboard or poster. The image of this brand could be well complemented by a billboard campaign across all major posh areas and major subways in target cities. The billboard advert could feature a top hollywood young star in one of the stylish dresses of the product line.

The message has to be simple and sraightforward and it should tell the customers that it is a product line for the urban youth which is style conscious. The billboard advert could just show the hollywood actor or actress saying “Pink is the new black” or something that reflects a change in trends and leads towards the arrival of this new brand. Any intelligent message that could appeal to the sense of style of the youth would be well accepted by the target audience.

The advertisements and the billboard adverts need to be made expensive and they should give that look of class and style because these are the features that the product stands for. The distribution of the product is also a way of marketing the product to the target audience. Where should the product be placed such that it attracts the desired consumers to make the initial purchases first. Well, the most important thing would be to initially look at what is the strength of the current distribution network and can this current setup be effectively used to sell the product?

These qustions must be asked before the distribution strategy is finalised. Once the product has been delivered to the sites and stores it must be viewed and bought by the target market within a specific time frame. Keeping this as the short-term objective the retail firm can go for selling the product on its own stores which are in posh localities and buying spaces in malls which are visited by the style conscious urban elite. An important thing to understand here is that the product line must be adequately placed otherwise the image of the brand can be destroyed.

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