The Common Traits of Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor

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One may have heard the latest tunes on the radio about a teenage love story or maybe even the size standard of the basic teenage girl. Chances are the listener has heard a song by Taylor Swift or Meghan Trainor. They are both rulers of the radio when it comes to a good exe bashing, love story gone wrong song and upbeat pop/doo-wop beat. The artists have similarities across the board in everything from the way they were raised to their recent radio takeover.

Both Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor have much in common as modern pop artists. They share their love for music, both have had an early childhood start, and are both out to change something outside of the music industry with the music they perform and the fan base they are a part of.

Although they were born in different places and in different years, they both had an early beginning to stardom. Taylor Swift was born in Pennsylvania on December 13th, 1989.

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She became interested in music at age five and released her first album at sixteen years old. This first album included hits like “Love Story,” and “You Belong With Me.” Although it was a few years later, Meghan Trainor was born in Massachusetts on December 22nd 1993. She started writing music at eleven. She was born into a music oriented family starting with her father being a high school music teacher. This gave her the push she needed to begin her career as a successful musician.

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While Meghan was a few years behind, both her and Taylor began their ascent to fame in the end of the first decade of the 2000’s. Taylor began climbing the poles after being nominated for a Grammy in the Best New Artist category. She also took home many awards including Female Vocalist of the Year and the Horizon award. She was them deemed the bestselling country artist of 2008 by Billboard. Two years later when she was seventeen, Meghan signed her first record deal with Big Yellow Dog Music and began climbing the charts to eventually become the fourth most trending artist with the release of her most well known album, “Title.” This album was released in January of 2015 and included her hits such as “All About That Bass” and “Lips Are Movin’.”

Although both artists are fairly young, they both know what they want to do with their new found fame. Taylor has been in the public eye since she was about sixteen with her first record release, but has always had a strong opinion on what the critics think of her. On numerous occasions she has said she is going to be herself regardless of what other people say. She has also stated that the people trying to discourage her from being herself makes her want to be her even more. Because most of her songs have a basis on relationships as well as flings written in the lyrics she has gotten a lot of back lash from both the parents of the listeners and also the characters in her songs. The parents of her listeners have been judging her harshly simply because her music is beginning to mature and talk about topics the twelve year old listener might be influenced by. For example, her latest hit “Wildest Dreams” hints at clothes being left on the floor of the bedroom while unsaid things happen. She received a lot of back lash because of the lyrics in her song, not necessarily because they were vulgar, but because they can be left open for interpretation. Meghan’s mission statement is a bit different. If one is familiar with her song “All About That Bass” they would recognize the mention of the stereotypes of how thin women are thought to be in the public eye. Her goal as an artist with a larger amount of listeners, is to be able to break the common standards of thickness in women’s world of sizes. She makes it clear in her songs that when she was younger she was never a size double zero and did in fact have some curves. However, her goal is to empower young women and tell them that it is okay to have curves, or need to search for a size that does not start and end with a zero.

Although Meghan and Taylor have very different styles, they both are specialized in two different types of music: pop and doo wop. Pop is recognized as popular music. It is sort of the mixing pot for music. It has an array of dance, rock, country, and Latin music. This leaves a wide variety of listening options for the common pop centric consumer. While pop has a very wide horizon of different types of music, doo-wop has a specific, recognizable sound. Doo-wop originated in upper New York State in a predominately black community with a basis on vocal harmonizing and a small amount of instruments. Doo-wop began to pop up in the later part of the 1900’s. Doo-wop is what lead the parade of many different types of music we have today, including jazz, blues and even some of the rock and roll. Without doo wop there would be no stylistic name for Taylor’s type of music. Taylor originally sang pop country, but since then has migrated to the more pop side of the genre. While Taylor made her switch, Meghan has always been into doo-wop and has consistently stayed true to her roots throughout her career.

While both Taylor and Meghan have chosen different types of music they have both, become very involved in the genres of choice. However, both enjoy singing a variety of styles but they both go back to their roots in their albums and performances. Without the different types of music from both artists the pop and doo-op genres would be lacking a large amount of the music that is circulating the radio today. As artists, they encourage their listeners to branch out and become involved in many different types of genres that may not commonly be a part of the public eye. As successful artists they have made the pop and doo-wop genres better altogether.

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