The Committed Life Essay

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The Committed Life

Reading the life and works of the great evangelist Dwight L. Moody is very significant and valuable to any person. He has contributed much to his generation in the work of evangelism much like the way Billy Graham has done in this generation. A. Early influences that made Dwight Moody the evangelist he was The name and legacy of Moody is confirmed by a Christian college, a world-wide magazine, a publishing house, a radio network all with his name and more. What is so astounding is that by worldly yardsticks Moody didn’t have what it takes. When he started serving God, he could scarcely read and write.

He had countless limitations, yet he developed into one of the most outstanding evangelists and ministers of his day. The explanation is because God blesses the life of one who is yielded to Him. In his life we see that the leadership that really matters is spiritual and insights into the life of D. L. Moody demonstrate what God can do in a life dedicated to God’s Word, holiness, reliance upon the Spirit’s power, and genuine humility. Moody had an overflowing love for people and fervor for reaching lost souls. To achieve this he was at all times prepared to pray.

In the book, we find what great encouragement his life can be, so long as we walk with God. With numerous examples and stories we will not only get to know Moody, but more especially, but also the Lord he served. In his early years, when waited upon by a journalist, who requested him for an outline of his life, Mr. Moody said “I was born in the flesh in 1837; I was born in the Spirit in 1856. What is born of the flesh may die; that which is born of the Spirit will live forever”. Dwight Lyman Moody was born in the town of Northfield, Mass. , on February 5. 1837.

He was sixth of seven sons and two daughters, to parents Edwin and Betsy Holton Moody. They lived in a little farmhouse with a few acres of stony ground on a hillside within that little town, but their property was laden by mortgage. Mr. Moody worked as a stonemason when there was opportunity, using his spare time to cultivate his farm. The burden of his tasks proved too heavy; financial reversals had crushed his spirit; and so DL Moody’s father died suddenly at the age of forty-one years, when Dwight was only four years old, leaving a poor, large family . B.

Key components of his philosophy of evangelism As Moody developed in Christian maturity because of his diligence in studying the Bible, and passion in seeking out the unrepentant, he became deeply awakened to the need of carrying the news of salvation to those sunk deep and low in sin and vice. So he chose out for himself the worst section in northern Chicago, a district known as “The Sands,” where gamblers, thieves, and the decadent of both sexes gathered together. He rented a rickety saloon near the North Market, for Sunday school services and evening meetings.

Subsequently he set about convincing these people to come in, while their disheveled and rowdy children were won over to be present by gifts of maple sugar. Mr. Moody as a Christian was ever a persistent student of the Bible. It was his ritual to rise at five o’clock in the morning that he might enjoy several hours of its prayerful study. He had a very plain rule to regulate his choice of reading matter. “I do not read any book,” be declared, “unless it will help me to understand the Book. ” C. Moody’s own reflections on his life during his latter years.

In the book written about his life, Moody conducted Gospels meetings during the week in a room formerly used for a saloon, but which had been made over unto a mission hall, and this is where Dwight L. Moody received the practice and training in preaching that were of such incalculable value in later years. Reflecting on this, it seemed that he needed this training, because he managed to gain confidence to speak extemporaneously while he gradually learned during these times. One deacon even put a comment that Moody could be a better servant if he rather wouldn’t talk One critic, ‘ You make too many mistakes in grammar,’ complained.

Moody on the other hand, ‘ I know I make mistakes,’ said in reply, ‘and I lack a great many things, but I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got. ‘ He paused and looked at the man searchingly, adding with his own irresistible manner: “‘Look here, friend, you’ve got grammar enough–what are you doing with it for the Master? ‘ ” Moody went on with his evangelistic crusades until his death in 1899. His last momentous series of meetings was in a gigantic hall in Kansas City. While there he got sick with heart trouble and hurried home to die.

Among his dying words were, “This is my triumph; this is my coronation day! I have been looking forward to it for years. ” This old world had lost its charms for him and for a long time he had been “home-sick for heaven. ” His body was laid to rest on “Round Top,” at his beloved Northfield. By his specific request there were no symbols of mourning at his funeral services. It is projected that no less than a hundred million people heard the gospel from his lips, and his schools are training many others to carry the good news of salvation of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

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