The Color Red Essay

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The Color Red

Do you have a favorite color? Do you have more than one? Do you know what colors represent you? (AG) Well, I have two favorite colors, and they represent me very well. (RT) Today I’m going to talk about two colors that represents me and why. (TH) My first color (TR) is Red. (MP 1) The reason I chose red is because red is my favorite color. Why I like red has always been a mystery, until age 13. At the age of 13 I realized that I had an anger issue. I was very quick tempered. The simplest problem would trigger me into being angry. Wearing red lets some people know when I’m angry, whether it’s shoes, a shirt or even red socks.

If you see me in red I’m angry. How else does red represents me? It also represents my life when I’m wearing red I’m living life to the fullest, whether it’s traveling partying or even just sitting at home watching a TV show. Red is my color. My second color (TR) is Black. (MP 2) Black is another one of my favorite colors, because black is a very misunderstood color, and it represents me in ways people don’t understand. When I wear black it can only mean two things: something is bothering me or I’m about to fight When something is bothering me I wear a little piece or black, whether it’s a hat or a pair of black sunglasses.

When I’m ready to fight, I’m wearing all black. I will be dressed in black from head to toe. When I walk down the street everyone say “Oh lord who is she about to fight”. So the next time you see me and I’m in all black just know something is about to go down In closing (TR) Red and black represents me in so many ways I can’t describe. (SUM) Do you want to know what color or colors represent you? Come on let’s find out.

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