The Color Purple Monologue

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You’re nothing but a piece oh shit on the bottom of my shoe, thats whats wrong. I’m leaving with Shug and getting away from you. Your’e a dirty rat and your dead body is just the welcome I need to leave you. You might have been a half way decent man if your father raised you right. You know that Nettie was all I had and the only one that loved me and you took her away from me.

Your’e nothing but trash for doing that to me. Your’e cruel but it don’t matter no more. My sister is taking care of my children in Africa. My children Olivia and Adam are learning different languages and are coming back home soon. And when they get here we are all gona whoop your ass for doing that to me. And we will do it with no regret for the things you done to me. Beating a woman doesn’t do shit and I’m gona laugh when everything you wish for crumbles down.

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My children are gona turn out way better then these blockheads you never made the time to raise. If your son Harpo hadn’t tried to beat Sofia into submission then the white people would have never gotten to her. She wouldn’t have gotten sent to jail either. You had rotten kids.

They made my life hell, they did. But of course you aint nothing but some horse shit. You thought beating me would make me submit to your will? Well, boy you sure are wrong.

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No one ever is gona treat me that way no more. With you I felt that I wanted to go somewhere but I couldn’t. I almost got my spirit beaten outa me and I just wanted to rot somewhere. And I never even asked you for a God damn thing!!! I never asked you for nothing at all!!! Not even your hand in marriage. I never asked you for nothing, but your sorry ass asked everything from me. Wash the dishes, clean the house, feed the kids, shave my beard. And I never got nothing in return!! But I never complained bout that cause I know you would just beat the shit outa me!! And until you do me right then everything you touch is gona crumble down on your sorry ass.

You may think that I will come back but so help me God I would rather die then to live in this house with you. When you do your business on top of me I would always just pretend I wasn’t there. I may not have talent and spunk like Shug but I got me some will now. I aint ever gona back down from anyone no more. I almost killed you when I was shaving you. If Shug wasn’t there to save you I would have killed you. I should have done it for all the wrong you did to me.

Until you treat me right everything you try to succeed at is just gona fail. Its gona be a rude awakening you realize that you cant live without me. You cant even cook breakfast without burning the damn thing. Everything you done to me I have already done to you. You just don’t know it. And even if I haven’t done all that you have done to me its gona happen to you. Its gona come back and bite you in the ass for what you done to me. You will live in misery and you won’t be able to live with yourself. You will probably drive yourself crazy and Ima have my head kept high. I don’t need you. You think I need you but, it’s the other way around. You say I’m nothing but an ugly black poor woman but listen here. I am black. I am poor. And I may be ugly but I’m away from you and thats all I need.

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The Color Purple Monologue

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