The Color Purple By Alice Walker English Literature Essay

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The book is a diary from a 14 twelvemonth old miss named Celie. She is being mistreated by her male parent. He rapes her and abused her. She ca n’t speak to anyone about this, except with God. Everything that happens she writes in her journal. One individual who handles their male parent really good is her female parent, but unluckily she dies after a piece. After her female parent died, Celie was being abused more frequently. There was an aged adult male ( Mr.

___ ) who wanted to get married Nettie ( Celie ‘s small sister ) . Celie ‘s Father gave her alternatively of Nettie.

When Celie married Mr.___ it became even worse. The adult male beats her up even more. Nettie came to populate at Celie ‘s house, but Mr.___ send her off because they had a battle. He threatened Celie that she ca n’t hold anymore contact with her sister.

Mr.___ falls in love marbless a vocalist named Shug Avery. When Shug gets sick the adult male takes her place and after a short clip Shug and Celie became friends.

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Nettie came back to the household, but she was more a amah for the household so a invitee. When she came she had two adopted kids with her. Later it turns out that it were Celie ‘s kids. First Nettie thought that the kids were from her pa, but subsequently she found out it were her stepfathers childs.

Fictional characters

Celie is a really dependent and easy manipulated miss. Many people use her because of this, like her male parent sexually abused her.

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She is the oldest at place and there for she does the housework, alternatively of following her dreams to travel survey. She is really leery to others, so she writes missive to god. Subsequently in the book she is a happy independent adult female.

She has short, black hair. Mr.___ says that cutting her hair brings bad fortune, that ‘s why she shaves it.

Nettie is Celies younger sister. She is really attentive, lovingness and has great involvement, black people. Mr.___ was more interested in get marrieding her so Celie, because she is prettier, they called Celie ugly. Nettie helps Celie with larning how to spel.

Mr.___ ( Albert ) is Celies adult male. Albert was married before, but his married woman was murdered by a lover. He really seeks a relationship with Nettie, but settees for Celie. Albert mistreats Celie merely as her male parent had, and she allows it. Albert uses Celie to assist raise his kids. Shug leads Albert to get down handling Celie better. Later Albert realizes that he has mistreated Celie and seeks a friendly relationship with her.

Title account

The colour purple stands for independency and release of one ‘s head and feelings. It plays an of import function in Celie ‘s and Shug ‘s life. When Celie can take a frock for the first clip in her life, she chooses a violet one. In her house Celie has a violet room. When Shug explains to Celie how of import freedom is, she says: “ I think it pisses God off if you walk by the colour purple in a field someplace and do n’t detect it. ”


The subject of the book is to support yourself even if people do non esteem you. Think about the development of the adult females in the book like Celie. In the beginning Celie takes all the crap but at last she defends herself and loves herself even if some people do n’t esteem her.

Own sentiment

I thought it was a beautiful book. She had a batch of things happen to her that she could n’t make anything about or that she could command. The lone thing she could make was maintain on traveling forwards, happening commiseration and a listening ear in God. The manner in which the book was written was really typical because the writer tried to do the narrative every bit existent as possible. She did that by composing it in old English and with a batch of grammar mistakes and errors because Celie did n’t had no instruction. In the beginning that was a small spot difficult but when you were familiar to that composing manner it was a great book to read.


The book starts on a farm down in the Southern United States at the beginning of the twentieth century. Celie, a 14 twelvemonth old miss lives at that place with her male parent and brothers and sister. She and her sister attention a batch about each other. She is being mistreated by her male parent. He rapes her and abused her. She ca n’t speak to anyone about this, except with God. Everything that happens she writes in her journal.

Celie is non allowed to travel to school, and as a consequence has a hapless instruction. In the church there is a adult male who ever looks at Nettie. His name is Mr.___ . Mr.__ eventually comes to the house of Celie and Nettie. He asks for Nettie ‘s manus. Father refuses it, but promises him a cow if he marries Celie. Mr.__ accepts the offer and marries Celie. He does n’t love Celie, but his married woman died and he wants a adult female to maintain the house for him and look after his four kids.

Nettie runs off from place and comes to Celie. She stays with Celie and her household. But Celie ‘s hubby tries to score her, so Nettie foliages, assuring that she will compose till her decease. But Celie ne’er received a missive.

Harpo, Mr__ ‘s boy, decides he wants to get married a miss named Sofia. His male parent forbids him to acquire married, but he does it anyhow and they are traveling to populate on the land near Celie ‘s house.

Mr__ is ever speaking and fantasying about a adult female called Shug Avery. He loves her really much. A small ulterior Shug comes to see Mr__ . After a piece Shug becomes really sick and Celie has to take attention of her. During this period Celie and Shug become good friends. They discuss many things together.

When Shug is in the house, Mr__ does n’t crush or mistreat Celie, Shug forbids him to make that. Even when she leaves he treats Celie good. Celie learns a batch about Shug and gets more assurance. In the clip that Celie and Shug go friends, Sophia leaves Harpo and moves in with her sister Odessa. After Sofia has left, Harpo opens up a saloon called jukejoint. Shug is a good blues vocalist and she sings in the jukejoint. If Shug was n’t singing at that place would n’t be so many people coming.

Shug ever writes letters to Mr__ . One twenty-four hours she says that she is coming back. When she comes back she is married to a adult male, Grady. Mr__ and Grady are imbibing all the clip. In that clip Celie tells Shug about her household, that her female parent has died and that her sister has ran off.

After a piece Shug discovers that Mr____ has been concealing all the letters from Nettie to Celie. Celie starts reading the letters and reads about Nettie ‘s life. Nettie lives with a adult female ( Corrine ) her hubby ( Samuel a clergyman ) and two adopted kids, Olivia and Adam. These two kids turn out to be Celie ‘s kids. Corrine hears from Nettie on her deathbed that Adam and Olivia are really Celie ‘s kids and Samuel tells Nettie that her male parent is n’t her existent male parent. Their existent male parent was killed in a executing when they were really immature.

When Celie reads her male parent is n’t her existent male parent she decides to travel back to Shug ‘s house in Memphis. In Memphis Celie starts to do bloomerss for a avocation and eventually she starts running a store in bloomerss. Shug falls in love, with a 19 twelvemonth old male child and goes with him, assuring Celie that she would come back. Celie does n’t believe her, but she decides to populate her ain life. She is traveling to populate in her old house, because her stepfather died. The house used to belong to her ‘real male parent ‘ and he left it to his kids. Sofia is traveling in with Celie.

Mr___ realises that he has treated Celie really incorrectly and he and Celie go friends. Their relationship is based on their love for Shug. Finally Shug returns to Celie and Mr__ , Celie and Shug are reunited. One twenty-four hours Nettie, Samuel, Olivia, Adam and his married woman return. Celie is wholly surprised and she is really happy to see them.

The last missive of the book is a missive to God, but with Celie ‘s new expression at the universe. In this missive she thanks God for conveying Nettie back to her. At the terminal of the book Celie is full of assurance and love for life, others and herself.

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