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The college club

Paper type: Essay
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The “closing times” was the only category to receive well below the average allocatable score. Those who attended every week objected most the earlier closing times, giving it a mean score of 1. 7. Cost of drinks and the “meeting of friends” is what those who regularly attend appreciate most. Question 5 This question ventured into new terrotority as far as the College Club was concerned. the College Club night parties had been launched on Halloween night and then had continued through Michealmas term without much success.

The pilot study had identified the lack of awareness to be due to failure in good advertising.

Asking the students whether they were aware would give an on idea of the success of the marketing techniques. Fig 4. 3 GRAPH SHOWING WHETHER PEOPLE WERE AWARE OF THE FRIDAY NIGHT PARTIES When asked whether the students would possibly attend Friday night parties, generally the response was positive, almost 2/3rds saying they would use the facility; Fig 4.

4 GRAPH SHOWING WHETHER PEOPLE WERE LIKELY TO ATTEND THE FRIDAY PARTIES Many of those who said that they would not use it on a Friday commented that this was because they did not stay at College at the weekends.

Question 6 The next question asked people whether certain entertainment would encourage them to use the College Club on a Friday night. The options included; a regular DJ, karaoke, comedy acts, live bands, video, sky and finally if there were just the bar facilities. The scale began at 1, for would not attend, to 4, for would not make any difference, ending at 7, for more likely to attend. Fig 4. 5 GRAPH SHOWING THE PREFERENCES FOR ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS ON A FRIDAY NIGHT The actual scale ranged from one to seven, but the maximum that was used was five.

The only options that received below a would make no difference score were the option of only bar facilities and the karaoke option. With the option of karoake, 21% rated the option highly i. e. a score of 6 or 7, but 18% rated it very lowly i. e. a score of 1 or 2; the resulting average being a score of 3. 5. The live band and comedy acts rated the highest, although it was noted by a few of the respondents that this is a fairly expensive option. Question 7 The lack of lunch-time facilities for students was raised during the pilot study. The college club was opened in response to this.

There are not many places to go to eat lunch on the campus, so when a place was opened specifically, we needed to find out where the students went instead. ; 52% went to the mess, and the remaining went to eat in the Spar shop on campus, some went to the library, some into the village to the pub and an amazing 20% went home. Fig 4. 6 GRAPH SHOWING THE FACILITIES THAT STUDENTS PRESENTLY USE FOR LUNCH Question 8 We were not interested in those people eating in the mess as they already pay for their meals. Both the Spar and the library offer sandwiches and hot drinks.

This was identified by pilot study as possibly the advantage over the College Club; as at the time, the College Club was only offering cold drinks and snacks. Fig 4. 7 GRAPH SHOWING WHETHER PEOPLE WOULD USE THE COLLEGE CLUB IF VARIOUS OPTIONS WERE AVAILABLE The scale on the graph begins at one, indicating that the students were unlikely to use the club for lunch, increasing to four, indicating that they would use the facility if the options were offered. The results indicate that longer opening hours is not an important factor, with the other options varying in appeal. Question 9.

Many student unions are open each night; and the students use this instead of the pub. It was understandable that the majority of students who lived in Swindon said that they would not use this facility if offered. Out of the remaining students, eight said that they were likely to use the facility regularly, and thirty said that they would attend irregularly, although the level of irregularity could not be identified. Fig 4. 8 GRAPH SHOWING WHETHER PEOPLE WOULD CONSIDER USING THE CLUB IN THE PLACE OF THE PUB. Question 10 The College Club can be hired for private events.

With the exception of the rugby team using the club on a Wednesday afternoon, the club is rarely used by individuals or groups. Fig 4. 9 GRAPH SHOWING WHETHER PEOPLE WOULD CONSIDER USING THE COLLEGE CLUB AS A VENUE TO HOLD VARIOUS EVNTS. When questioned, approximately half of the students said that they would consider the College Club as a venue, with a few exceptions saying that it was a high possibility, especially for sporting or group events. The remaining half of the respondents said that they did not consider the club a suitable venue.

Question 11 Thirty-eight people, 61%, felt the club should not limit the membership of the club. Only 2 people expressed a wish that it should be open to undergraduates only. Another five people said that people permanently attached to the college should be permitted into to the club. The only people who were considered as not being acceptable were those on short courses and other ranks, but only a total of five people answered this. Fig 4. 10 GRAPH SHOWING THE WISHES OF THE STUDENTS CONCERNING WHO SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO USE THE CLUB.

Eight people, however, considered that the Wednesday night party should only be open for undergraduates, but that other people were more than welcome at other events. Question 12 In order to identify whether the respondents were a fair representation of the student body, it was useful to ask a few personal questions; their sex, what degree year they were, and who was their sponsor whilst they were studying. The results show that a quarter of the respondents were female whilst the student population is closer to a ratio of 1:7, males: females.

The 53? students constituted a third of the respondents with 52?only being 20% and the remaining 47% being 51? students. It was though that a high proportion of the third years replied as they were aware how important the results would be as part of a project. The results showing whom the students were sponsored by indicated that 57% were LEA/DOH students which is only slightly higher than the actual figure. Although no respondents were overseas military, the overall respondent sample was close to the actual make-up of the student body, therefore making the results a fair representation of the undergraduate population at RMCS.

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