The Code of Silence Essay

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The Code of Silence

Police officers are professionals that are trained to perform their duty of protecting citizens from harm. These officers thus follow a rigorous mode of conduct, oftentimes called the Code of Silence, which is a unique culture that has extensively flourished in this profession. The Code of Silence is therefore an attitude that differentiates the police officers from the rest of the society and is strongly associated with the reasons why they can and may perform certain actions based on the authority that has been vested upon them as police officers.

It is also known that a strong bond exists among fellow police officers wherein there is loyalty and unity among the “brotherhood” and this has interconnection has served as an essential factor to the success and effectiveness of police activities. The robust linkage among police officers is generally important to police work because these officers often enter unsafe areas of the city wherein criminal are often located thus their code of conduct serves as a means for their survival in unsafe areas (Mezewski, 2008).

Unfortunately, there are several police incidents that are also associated with the police code and specific individuals or groups of people are unjustly treated by police officers. Police officers are also given discretionary authority to act upon an individual hence there are cases wherein an individual of a specific minority group is maltreated and the police officers can still get away with the abuse they have inflicted on that specific individual (Rennison, 2007).

Police actions that are supported by the police code include questioning and accosting individuals, as well as searching and detaining any member of the society that may seem peculiar to the police officer. Unfortunately, the use of force is also part of the police code and any person on the streets may consequently resist the authority of a police officer and this may cause additional issues to the simple case of simple questioning an individual on the street. Members of the minority races that have been stereotyped for specific criminal acts are thus impacted by the police code of silence.

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