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The Cloud Computing

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (935 words)
Categories: Cloud Computing, Computer, Technology
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Cloud Computing is one of the most popular demanding availabilities of computer system resources to store the data and increase the computing power without directly involve user’s management. It is basically a center point on internet where many users can use the same data individually on their systems. What is a Cloud? (2015).

Today cloud computing is on its peak. Many multinational companies like Apple, Microsoft, Amazon etc. using this service to increase its businesses all over the world.

It is a great achievement in businesses. Every client computer in this service connected to a server. There is one server and many client systems. The on server is same for all the client systems. They can access that data by using internet. Zohuri, B., & Moghaddam, M. (2017).

To understand about the cloud computing let’s take an example. Let’s consider you are an executive at a very large company, which is dealing with many other clients.

It is one of the responsibilities of the executive to make sure every client have the right hardware and software for their system to do their jobs smoothly. Giving everyone is a general work but this is not enough. The software which needed in business you have to install in every system with a license. If you have a new hire than you have to buy a new software and make sure your current software allows another user.

This required a large amount to invest in software. Now there is an alternative for executives like you. You don’t need to install complete software in each computer, you would only have to load an application on your cloud system. Than allow your workers to access web-based service which hosts those required programs which the user needed to do their job. This is called cloud computing and this brings a great revolution in entire computer industry.

Amazon is one of the most popular company which using cloud services in their business. Cloud service is the reason to make this company one of the most successful in the world. They have a main server computer. This has many client users which also act like servers. Amazon allows end-users to create their own accountant sell their product on their. Means every account created by an end-user is a client and server both. There are many accounts on the Amazon server.

Each account have different items for sell. You can use many resources as you needed and you only get the products as you paid. Amazon also provided Amazon Web Service (AWS). It is offering the businesses an alternative to don’t invest millions of dollars for renting space for computer hardware and expensive staff of experts to run it. With WAS, theses computers are providing the businesses can store data and launch their own server computers in a cloud computing environment and only pay for what storage they are utilized. This service can provide you the same clouding facilities in a very cheap rate as other multinational companies getting by paying a heavy amount of hardware and staff fees. WAS not only provided this service but have many more services. But those may not be useful for small business holders.

Cloud computing save too much time in communication. Like you have work to assign a department then just simple create an email and send it to all the members of the department. Also you can send any new information about your product each user by just send an email. In daily life if you are an office employee. You are mostly using Skype for communication with other employees. Execute you send a message in group and everyone can see the message. This is very effective in time-saving. Also if your departments or branches are in different cities or countries you can also communicate in the same way. If you need to share any document or project code you just simply use DropBox or google drive. You just have to upload once than share the data all the contacts.

Now if cloud systems are downed due to any reason, this is a great loss in business. If systems are downed for a long time this will ruin the business. No one can see the product details on their system because the server is downed. If client system downed than it is not a big loss for companies because of they loss only one user. Users can’t communicate with each other through cloud computing. Without communication, there is no growth of business.

The business remains continue but it has to invest more and deal with clients in a very complex and time-consuming old manner. The employees of the company can communicate with each other but only one person can talk with one person at a time. There is no facility of group remain if cloud systems are downed. You have to announce a message everyone separately. With this type of communication, you have not run your business efficiently because of its take much more time in just conveying the message. Also if software are using through cloud computing, now you have to install complete software in each computer with license key. This is too much expensive and time-consuming. In short without cloud computing, any business does not remain successful. Cloud System save our time as well money.


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