The classical Athens and Han china differences

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Han china and classical Athens shared many differences around the 5th century such as cultural image, cultural environment, social structures, and the overall similarities and differences.

Document B (population estimates from mixed sources…) states that the population of classical Athens in 422 B.C.E was to be 315,000 total. Whereas Doc C (population estimates from mixed sources) the population of Han china in 200 C.E was 65,000,000 total. Han china and classical Athens population was distributed differently. Like classical Athens population distribution was more general so it was divided in four sections which were free male citizen, free male non- citizens, free females and slaves.

However Han china population distribution was more specific so it was divided into six sections which were emperor and appointed officials, educated mandarin bureaucrats, landed aristocracy, peasant farmers and some skilled urban works, merchants, and “mean people”. Although Han china and classical Athens have many differences they also had some similarities like both had an underclass mean people in china and slaves in Athens.

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Another similarity was that they had was that a largely farm based population.

Document K (discus thrower) and document L (Ch’iu Ying, Landscape in the style of Li T’ang…) were also very different from each other. Document K (5th century) was more cultural base, discus throwers were among many competitors in the Greek Olympic Games. The Olympic Games were held every four years. The events were running, horseback, boxing, jumping, wrestling, javelin throwing, and chariot racing. The only ones that the competition was done usually in nude were the charioteers.

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If an athlete won he was eternally famous and brought honor to his city-state. Document L (551-479 B.C.E) was more cultural environment because it showed scenes of nature, Han palaces and houses.

This document represented the Chinese landscape, the human labor and slaves. It was shown that a man was overwhelmed by the extent and power of nature. Both of these documents were very different because document K seemed that the Olympic Games and the athletes were very important to the Athens. Whereas document L it was more about the environment and how nature was very important. Also how people lived and did things everyday while living in that beautiful place of nature. There weren’t any similarities between these two documents.

The classical Athens and Han china were different in that their role as an individual in society was different, how they viewed their social classes and how they ruled their government. Athens believed in the democratic government which was the rule of mob where as Han china believed in the bureaucratic form of government and also monarchy. Classical Athens was a city state and Han china was an empire. The geographic of ancient Greece and the Han Empire were very different. They also have some similarities in that both treated women with little respect. Another similarity is that woman didn’t have as great rights as man and also women did not take part in politics only man. Man had more rights because they were the masters and they were the ones making the money where as women just stayed home and raised a family.

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The classical Athens and Han china differences

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