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The citizens of Oceania Essay

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The citizens of Oceania live in a society where all of there actions are controlled. Telescreen is the technology they use to help achieve this control. Telescreen received and transmitted simultaneously; any sound that Winston or any other citizen make can be heard, and as long as they are within the field of vision they can also be seen. Telescreen is also constantly broadcasting media that they want the citizens to hear, all of which basically leads to the indoctrination of its citizens.

Citizens of Oceania lives are just about completely controlled; there are alarms that wake up the office workers when it’s getting up time. Then there’s the Physical Jerks were the citizens have to exercise and even have a look of grim enjoyment on this face which was expected. Their entire way of living is controlled, and they constantly have the idea that “Big Brother is watching you” instilled in their mind. Winston works for the Ministry of Truth party in the Department of Records.

His job is to alter historical records.

The party would simply go into the past and say that this or that event had never happened. There slogan was “Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past. ” Winston had to make certain that all historical events correspond with the Party’s beliefs at that time to ensure that whatever Big Brother claims was exact. It is all part of their way of controlling society. I believe that what Winston does for a living for the Ministry of Truth is appalling.

There are situations when people do thing that are wrong but they really don’t know any better. They are ignorant of the truth. Winston, however, is completely aware that what he does is not just. He even states how he unconsciously started writing during the Two Minutes Hate meeting, ” Down with Big Brother. ” He is completely aware of what he is doing and knows that it’s not right. I suppose, however, that he is sort of caught between a rock and a hard place. Newspeak affects communication of this society by restraining the societies vocabulary.

This is simply another means of controlling the citizens of Oceania, and preventing them form committing a thoughtcrime. Citizens have to be extremely careful of the things that they say and this is simply a way of achieving that control. I don’t believe that Newspeak could make thoughtcrime impossible though, although, they might be able to control what society is able to say and do I highly doubt that they would be able to actually completely control persons thoughts. Even Wilson thing about bring Big Brother down.

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