The Cinnamon Roll Essay

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The Cinnamon Roll

Cinnamon buns! A truly delectable treat that makes the world spin 360 degrees. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like a good sticky bun in today’s society. And those who don’t are called hipsters and are generally hated. We don’t hate them just because of their cardigans and scarfs. No they think they’re better than everyone else and therefore are disliked widely. But back on topic, sticky buns are simply scrumptious.

With the perfect mixture of dough and cinnamon, people have been known to have a moment of pure ecstasy as the brain releases chemicals into the part of the brain that lets us know we are enjoying something quite pleasurable. Cinnamon buns are for everyone and anyone! Old people, young people, cougars, kids. They do not discriminate towards race, religion or creed. Everyone experiences the same pleasure when eating these warm little treats. But how people like their sticky buns is a whole different question.

Although some people like them cold, they tend to go rock hard much quicker thus needing to put them in the microwave for no more than 20 seconds. Anymore, and you have to wait for it to cool down before you eat it. And less, and that gooey goodness won’t fall apart in your mouth properly. It is truly an art that takes time and practice to hone like a sharp knife. The microwave can even solve the situation of slightly stale sticky buns! Why they are stale is a question in itself because who could wait so long to eat this fantastic pastry?!

As you can imagine, when butter, cinnamon and sugar are all mixed together, something magical happens. The Cinnamon Roll is a type of dense pastry, basted in a special cinnamon spread, rolled and baked and then finally smothered in a classic cream cheese frosting. Now of course there are many different variations of the cinnamon roll and all kinds of adjustments to the recipes have been made all around the world! The most popular type of Cinnamon Roll in North America is the Philadelphia style bun (also known as the “sticky bun”) which dates back to the 18th century.

This recipe calls for a dark brown caramel glaze, raisins, and the option of pecans or walnuts. This type of role is a regular on many breakfast menus. Cinnamon buns are most popular, and thought to originate in, Northern Europe! The “original” dessert is made from a yeast based dough, rolled out and covered in a sugar cinnamon mixture. After that it is sprinkled with butter and rolled. It is then cut into portions, baked, and covered in a rich cream cheese frosting. The result is a dense, decadent bun. The size of the bun will be different no matter where you go.

It is most commonly served as 5-10 cm in diameter but can range to much smaller, and much, much larger. Finland for example is known to serve buns the as big as 35 centimeters, and weighing in as much as 250 grams! A type of bun commonly associated with the Cinnamon roll is the Honey Bun. This comparison is made mainly because of its form. It is a rolled, fried yeast pastry just like the classic Cinnamon bun, but is dipped entirely in a honey glaze and is usually quite flat. The exact origin of Cinnamon roll is still something that food historians are unsure of.

What has been assumed by them though is that it is definitely a Northern European dessert. They came to this assumption because of the German style baking, accompanied with the Danish and Swedish ingredients. Cinnamon buns, being the popular worldly delight that they are, have inspired many great recipes! Doing my research I have come across many great and unique dishes including; Cinnamon bun pancakes, Cinnamon Roll Squares, Cinnamon Cake, Cinnamon Bun milkshake etc. They are such a popular desert that there is an entire franchise based upon it! Cinnabon is a chain of stores located all across America!

The company was established in 1985 by Richard Koman. In the end, sticky buns are like a box of chocolates. Absolutely delicious and you just want to eat every last one and before you know it, they’re all gone and you resort to sadness and tears. But these tears of sadness slowly turn into tears of joy as the next batch of warm, gooey cinnamon buns slowly emerge from the oven. We care for them, nurture them in their slow growth and in the end, resort to what some could say is a cruel practice. The art of sacrificing and devouring these little (or gigantic) cinnamon buns. Jan Joplin loved cinnamon buns.

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