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The Chrysalids Essay

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David once more asks the predicament of Sophie, and once again he is refused a satisfactory answer. Uncle Axel then tries to comfort David, “They can only know if you let them. Learn to watch yourself, Davie, and they’ll never find out. ” This advice links with another, “what is the best use you can make of it and still make yourself safe? ” David takes these advices and so has less disturbing thoughts as a result. The next big incident came when Petra was drowning, she sent a big signal and Rosalind with David manages to save her.

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This is strange to the others in the fields as they didn’t hear anything but since both Rosalind and David heard it, they were sufficiently fooled into believing that it had been so. This is very close, to being captured and found out, but what is more important is that they have found out that Petra is one of the group now with ESP powers. The group decide to not to warn her about the powers as they think she is too young, but still one could feel the fear of being found out, “if we were to survive, we must keep our true self hidden…

” The year before they discovered Petra was a bad one, there was widespread deviation and David has a conversation with Old Jacob, who thinks that it was the lax way in the dealings with the deviates, which prompted the deviations, and says that God will soon send another Tribulation but what is more shocking is the fact that he said that if he was in power he would burn all the deviations and the Blasphemies as well, “they were burnt, like any other deviations.

” This scares David enough to ask Uncle Axel whether there are any people like Old Jacob’s ideals as he is afraid that when he or his group gets captured this would be the punishment waiting for them. Although the river incident didn’t have any suspicious comments made by the people, David and the group still did not relax, as there was a tendency to look for scapegoats. A further increase in David’s fear is from Anne deciding to marry Alan, the group is afraid not from the match point of view or whether they are suitable for each other, but rather, they are afraid that Alan would tell the inspector about them if Anne told Alan.

Anne then didn’t want to be a part of the group; she shut herself from the group and didn’t use her ESP powers anymore. Uncle Axel said, “self-sacrifice… the desire for purification. ” This shows clearly to David that Anne is a danger to the group in whole, Axel suggests to get rid of her, David does not agree due to the closeness that ESP has given him. After that episode, Alan was found with an arrow in his neck; Anne’s answer was naturally to think that it was the group who had committed the offence; she in the end committed suicide and wrote a note denouncing the members of the group and that they had planned and killed Alan.

This was so near to betrayal that only after the rumours died out and moved to other topics that were the group able to relax. Axel killed Alan, although he is not in the group, he felt that it was too dangerous to let Alan blackmail the group with the information that they had. The second Petra incident where the group is brought together, unwillingly, it is great danger, as the group has never met together before, “the thing that I had been afraid of, happened. ” David is more afraid of the fact that the group might have been caught together than anything else.

Jerome Skinner met the group as they were together, then the threat from the man came, David is desperately concerned that the group would be vulnerable to the Skinner man reporting them, as he didn’t hear anything when David said that the girl screamed. Petra is the weakest link, the group is afraid that she might tell any body else by a slip of a tongue that she could do this, or that she could do that and that she could have all the group in one place which is very vulnerable, so they trained Petra so that she no longer is the weakest link and to make the ESP power a secret.

Uncle Axel told David that he was being careless or one of his group members had been as Joe Darley had been asking questions about them. David is very anxious but nevertheless he gives his opinion of what they would do if they were found out. When Axel mentioned about Petra, David is very worried, ” how did you find out? ” Axel then reveals that it was him who killed Alan in the woods. Through Axel’s concern it is transferred to David who shares the concern.

Michael then conveys his concern with saying that Petra is the weakest link and that if the worst came to the worst, to kill someone to keep it all a secret is better than to be sterilized and sent to the fringes, “it might end up in sterilization and the Fringes for all of us. ” Michael also went into detail how they should prepare and get ready to run at a moments notice. This depicts the increasing fear of the group getting captured and the dangers that go with it, ” time was running out.

” In chapter 12 David assembles supplies ready to go, ” the threat of discovery seem both more real and more imminent than it been when I talk to Uncle Axel. ” Suddenly David has to flee with Petra as an organised grab fails as Rosalind manages to warn David. David had anticipated and had expected to be discovered and so when they are finally discovered there is almost a sense of relief. Rosalind had prepared her supplies already with the help from her mother.

What really depicts the severity of the situation was the fact that Rosalind had to kill a man because he was following them, Rosalind wouldn’t kill anybody if they posed no threat, it is, “stop him at all costs. ” This dawns on them of the horror of the situation. One of the last increases to the fear of contravening the image of the norm and its danger’s is that Katherine and Sally was tortured using the brutal hot irons method. This graphically how being different they are prosecuted and then brutally punished using medieval, barbaric methods.

This cannot get any real to the group of the dangers of being different and all the punishment that it includes and finally the other one is where Joseph Strom leads the posse in the hunt of his son, daughter and Rosalind, they will take them in for further questioning and torture, and this also depicts the severity of the situation where it is father versus son and daughter. This is all due to the fact that the group has been living amongst them for a long time, without any physical deformities therefore they are afraid of the Blasphemies of the ESP, “they’re taking this very seriously indeed…

what’s got them so agitated over us is that nothing shows… they need us alive so that they can take us in for questioning… we could be a real threat to them. ” this really is the last increase, you can’t get any worse or the punishment that they will have to face and you can’t get any more aware of the dangers of being different. The novel is written in the 1st person narrative so, we as the reader see things through the way a growing child would, from having experiences such as the Harriet incident and the Sophie incident.

This makes us then share the fear with David of his own safety and that of his group. In conclusion, David’s increasing awareness of the dangers of contravening the image of the norm and his increasing fear that he feels for his own safety and that of the group comes directly from him having experiences which he is directly or indirectly involved, including not only just the incidents where he slowly learns the dangers of contravening the image of the norm, such as the Aunt Harriet and the Sophie incidents.

But also through Uncle Axel’s stark and blunt warnings, and also growing up to understand the harsh laws of his society, when his teaching becomes a reality and practical versus theory, such as Old Jacob’s ideas and the great horses. GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE COURSEWORK 2001 PHILIP XIU 4 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mildred Taylor section.

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