The Chilean Miners: Los 33 Essay

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The Chilean Miners: Los 33

Main Idea:

How leadership and cooperation can create a happy ending.


* Urzua demonstrated leadership among the group and managed to set aside his fears in order to give courage to the rest.

* Rescuers worked hard to help those miners out of the mines and getting them out was a payment for their hard work.

* The world finally receives a story with a happy ending.


Can you imagine being trapped underground for 69 days with a scarce amount of food? Me either but miraculously 33 Chilean miners were able to survive this tragedy and gave the world at least one happy ending. Each man has his story but the one who managed to outshine the others with his leadership was Luis Urzua who was the last to leave the mine on October 13, 2010. The mine is owed by San Esteban Mining Company. The San Jose Mine is in north Chile and the miners were trapped 2,300 ft underground and 5 miles from the mine’s entrance.

The mine was instable and had once collapsed and caused the death of one miner. It was a miracle and an accomplished mission for Chile. When the miners realized they were trapped they intended to escape from a ventilation shaft but it was too high to reach without a ladder. As they were thinking about how to reach that shaft they noticed it was too late and the shaft had become unavailable because of ground movements. Imagine Urzua trying to give hope to 32 men who had just lost their opportunity of saving their lives because they thought for too long. Urzua said it was not easy but he touched every man’s heart so they wouldn’t give up for their families.

It was a miracle to find the men because of the out of date maps of the mines. The rescue team led by Engineer Andr� Sougarret, made many holes and drills before finding the right one. They made holes all around the place and the miners could hear the drill coming closer. It was a big challenge for Urzua when the drill started making a hole on top of them and suddenly stopped as if the drillers were sure they weren’t there. They had been full of hopes and had made many notes. Urzua says it was tough but he forced them to never give up. For the rescuers it was also very difficult to make a hole that took a lot of hard work and have the intuition that the miners would be just below and then find out it was just a false alarm. An approximate audience of 1 billion people around the world was on track of what was happening through their televisions.

When finally on August 22nd the Chilean miners were spotted it was a victory not only for their families but for the entire world. This did not mean they were safe yet, the tense part of taking them out was missing. It id difficult to understand how they arranges an order but obviously the leadership of Urzua was admired when he decided to go last. In a process of 24 hours “los 33” were all taken out of the mine safely. This meant a victory for the world and for Sebastian Pi�era, the Chilean president whose joy of saving 33 citizen’s lives was seen by the rest of the world. It is also a remembrance of the 1214 miners that had died stuck or working in a mine in the first half of 2010.

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