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The Children playing

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 4 (901 words)
Categories: Child, Children
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Firstly I recommend that my supervisor takes the children for a ‘nature walk’. I have made this recommendation because after observing these children I noticed that they were interested that were the leaves come from. So by taking the whole class for a ‘nature walk’ the children will get to know were leaves and twigs come from. Secondly I recommend that my supervisor has a day especially to talk about the seasons the teacher can do this by, getting the class to sit down then talking to them about what happens in nature when spring, summer, autumn and winter occurs.

By doing this it will enhance the children’s learning on the life cycle to leaves and other species. While doing this recommendation the teacher can also call some children up at the front, to hold up pictures of leaves during the cycle. I have looked at Jean Piaget as my theorist to support my recommendations for my Children playing with natural resources observation.

Jean Piaget said that “children are active learners” [Online] Available at: <http://www. sk. com. br/sk-piage.

html> this part of what was said by Jean Piaget supports both of my recommendations made in E8, because both of my recommendations consists the children to be active. Because my first recommendation is a nature walk and here the children will be active. My second recommendation consists the children being active because they will be having a discussion about seasons and life cycles. So you can see that my first and second recommendation made in E8 is supported by Jean Piaget’s statement.

I think that what Jean Piaget said is correct because in my point of view children learn when they are active. By looking into detail about what Jean Piaget believed in, Teena Kamen states in her book that “Jean Piaget believed that, children are actively involved in structuring their own cognitive development through exploration of their environment. Children need real objects and concrete experiences to discover things for themselves” (2000, pg96). This statement made by Teena Kamen about what Jean Piaget believed supports my recommendations made in E8.

Because a part of the statement made by Teena Kamen says that “children need real objects and concrete experiences to discover things for themselves” (2000, pg96), and in my first and second recommendation the children will have a concrete experiences, firstly by having a nature walk and secondly they will concrete experience when they have a discussion. Both of my recommendations made in E8 are supported. E9 & B1 & E10 After doing the children playing with natural materials observation, I found out that every child is an individual and develops at different rates in whatever way.

Doing an observation is an excellent technique for gathering sufficient information on a group of children. After reading my observation I can surely say that this group of children are at the correct developmental stage. The possible reason for this is that their parents let them play with natural materials at home. I think that pre-school children should have this observation done on them because then you can sense how playing with natural materials helps children learn.

After doing my observation on this group of children, I realised that doing an observation in form of a free written description was excellent, because you can then read the observation, and clearly picture about what exactly was going on. I think that this observation should be carried out more regularly in pre-schools. Because then you can find out how these types of activities help children’s learning. Then you can create a variety of other activities to promote the children’s learning.

Also by carrying out this observation it made me more aware of how a simple leaf and twig printing activity helped the children to gain more knowledge and understanding of the world. I have gained a lot of important information and this information is going to be very useful for my supervisor. Also by carrying out this observation I have found out this group of children are at the correct developmental stage, but we must remember each child develops at their own pace. Now my supervisor can organise more nature orientated activities to help enhance the children’s knowledge.

I have also learnt that by giving children their independence can also contribute towards their learning. Therefore, in the future, I can ensure that I allow the children to be independent to play in a child initiated play environment so that they can reach their potential. By using what I have learnt, in future practice I will provide the children with a variety of natural materials to play with, so that it enhances and promotes their learning. Also by carrying out this observation it has strengthened my understanding on how children play with such limited items and gain so much knowledge out of it.

D1 The Children playing with natural materials observation that I carried out on a group of pre-school children was a period of 13 minutes approximately. When my supervisor read my observation she found out that how a simple leaf and twig printing activity helped the children to learn. Then in her next week planning sheet the said that she would arrange for a nature walk for the whole class. She also mentioned that next week she will have a talk with children about the seasons. My observation has been effective for my supervisors weekly planning.

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