The Chesapeake and New England Colonies Essay

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The Chesapeake and New England Colonies

Although New England and the Chesapeake region were both settled largely by the people of English origin, by 1700 the regions had evolved into two distinct societies. These two colonies divided based on their values and goals for their future, New England believed in unity, religion, and family, while the Chesapeake region believed in success, working alone, and entrepreneurship. Their lives really centered around what they believed in and was the determining factor on why these societies are very different. New England came over with a sense of unity and equality for their people. They wanted what was best for everyone. Massachusetts wanted to have the poor and the rich in their town as well as everyone having a share of the meadow or planting ground. They wanted people to have equal portions and opportunities. They sought comfort and strength in each other to reach goals and worked together to get the job done. John Winthrop who was an English Puritan speaks of knitting together and working as one man. He preaches about looking over one another’s flaws and pushing forward and supplying people with the necessities they need.

He sees they should be the city upon the hill, a model for everyone to follow, and learning and experience with and form each other, together as one. He wants a tight knit community where everyone helps out and believes in one another. This region is more interested in building a strong sense of community and bond with one another. The New England region relied strongly on their religious beliefs and the church had a strong influence over the people. They turn to God in time of need and despair as well as in happiness. The people will preach the Lord’s words and be his servants. They vow to walk in the ways of Christ with the church and the other people. They unify and work together for the church and for the Lord. They overlook each other’s flaws and help each other day by day because that’s what being apart of the church is. They want a perfect and united society and God to walk with them through it. This region wants to be able to have the religious freedom they deserve and believes God will take them where they need to go in life. Family was just as important to the New England region as religion and unity.

Family ties all these values together into one. They wanted a certain amount of families in their towns. The ship full of emigrants bound for New England are full of families and marriages that have lasted a while. All these families make the community a whole, without them there wouldn’t be the values to unify them or bring them together through the church. Basing their life off of these values and putting them into effect made their lives successful. They built such a strong community for themselves because they were in the right mindset and had the right tools to walk them through it. People and families are the backbone that need to be there in order for the town to survive and no one giving up. They were wealthy aspiring leaders and people throughout the region. Virginia and the Chesapeake region had different views on their lifestyle.

They believed in success no matter how they got there, they just wanted the profit from it. Only the wealthy made their way through with their riches such as gold. John Smith a leader in Virginia tells that the people with money, spare clothes, credit to give bills of payment, gold rings, fur, or anything of that sort were welcome to purchase supplies. The dug for gold and other riches in the ground. They were not about equality or giving equal opportunities to the rich and poor. More men came to Virginia, it wasn’t really family oriented either. There was only eleven out of many men coming to Virginia. The reason people came was for the profit and hope to gain riches. The people of Virginia worked alone and believed in entrepreneurship. They didn’t care how they got to the top, as long as they were there.

They didn’t believe in working together to accomplish something, they wanted all the credit to themselves. They were self employed and wanted to make new businesses being their own boss selling valuables. The only people who helped them out was the many servants protecting them. They had no sense of community or compassion for other people. They thought about themselves before anything. Their motivation was the profit they would consume from it, not worrying about what it may have caused for others to reach that.

These people wore more messy and dirty clothing than Virginia because they were working and some people were poor, and they had a lot of servants. These regions were completely opposites in the way they chose to live. The New England region believed in a strong community with families and religion supporting them, while the Chesapeake region wanted profit and riches, preferred working alone to get the necessities they needed. The New England ways gave us a sense of democracy and working together as a whole.

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