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"The Chauvinist's Guide to Modern Romance": Satirical Guide for Heterosexual Men

Categories: Book ReviewSatire

The description for The Chauvinist’s Guide to Modern Romance: A True Life Comedy About Men and Women by Morris Rollins claims that the book is a satirical guide for heterosexual men trying to date in the modern world. By describing the various types of men and women, how each thinks and views relationships, and how to communicate effectively, the author guides chauvinists through the methods of having sex with as many women as possible. The author addresses issues cited as barriers for successful dating, determines which of them are valid concerns, and how to overcome the ones that can be changed.

I have many concerns with this book, including formatting problems, inconsistent writing style, and alarming content. The overall quality of writing is low, appearing as disconnected thoughts loosely sorted into categories. The formatting of the book currently consists of photos and graphs randomly thrown onto the page, splitting paragraphs in odd places. Normally I would record as many writing and grammatical errors as possible to help the author, but I had to give up after encountering several dozen.

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The amount of time spent recording them all would be a waste since I believe the entire book needs to be re-written. This version looks more like an outline than a finished product.

The writing is contradictory, and the tone when referring to men and women shifts unpredictably throughout the guide. For example, the author refers to men as “Man” and women as “Woman” in some places, while referring to them as the standard “men” and “women” in others.

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Using proper nouns to distinguish the groups suggests a firm separation, as opposed to two subsets of otherwise similar people. This separation, accompanied with language suggesting that women are inferior to men, dehumanizes women and is a dangerous concept, even if meant to be satire.

This guide reads like the author has had terrible luck in dating women and has attempted to thinly veil his disdain with humor. Although there are a few pro-woman statements, it seems like they were added to make the book appear less aggressively-sexist. Women being inferior and claiming that they like to be ruled by men are dangerous concepts, especially when there are still many prevalent instances of inequality in our society. Instead of writing a satirical guide to dating, I feel that the author wrote a book validating the ideas of the growing hate group known as ‘incels’ (Involuntary Celibates), which may empower the movement and lead to increased hostility and even violence towards women.

I give this book a one out of four-star rating. The poor-quality writing, numerous errors, and terrible formatting suggest that the book has yet to see an editor. The content of the book, even if it is meant to be satire, is poorly delivered and is not only offensive but hostile and potentially dangerous in the wrong hands. I do not have anything positive to say about this book, and I urge all readers to skip it. The only demographics that I can see enjoying the book are people seeking validation for their sexist attitudes, or people who are so privileged that they do not face the consequences of sexism in our society.

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