The Charrette Process and Its Participants Essay

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The Charrette Process and Its Participants

A charrett is a process that is widely used to complete building design efficiently and resourcefully. This process comes in great use because it allows all parties to be involved in the designing and building efforts throughout the duration. All participants should remain open minded to any and all ideas put out by all others involved. This allows every aspect of a project to flow nicely together and accomplish the project with no one uniformed or misunderstood.

According to (Todd) “a charrette is defined as an intensive workshop in which various stakeholders and experts are brought together to address a particular design issue, from a single building to an entire campus, installation, or park. The term can also be applied to shorter, focused project team meetings, project planning meetings, brainstorming sessions, and extensive community visioning events”. To paraphrase (Todd) the Charrette process has been around for approximately 15 years. When sustainability was added into the charrette in the 1990’s there were three major successful projects the greening of the white house, the grand canyon, and the pentagon.

To paraphrase (Todd) charrette is also designed to incorporate renewable design strategies helping to cut down on carbon foot print as well as reducing resource consumption and life cycle cost. According to (Todd) “ There are many benefits of using charrettes early in the design process. Most importantly, charrettes can save time and money while improving project performance. In general, integrated design (ID) charrettes”.

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