The Characters in Black Panther

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Watching a great movie can be both captivating and thrilling at the same time and this depends mostly on the plot and the themes of the movie. Like the thrill and excitement brought about by riding a roller coaster, so is the excitement that comes with watching the Black Panther (2018) movie. The fun in the movie is due to the rich thematic presence, storyline and the scenarios. In this paper, I shall be analyzing the Black Panther movie by looking at the plot, themes, characters, language, spectacle and rhythm in order to see if the movie is up to the standard.

The movie ‘Black Panther’ has been the most talked about movie in 2018 and in my opinion it will be on our screens for the longest time.

The movie is set in a mythical place called Wakanda and in Oakland 1992. The movie opens by the animation of the African fiction country called Wakanda and then is followed by Oakland in 1992, this choice of introduction may seem a bit odd but it is very appropriate in the flow of this film.

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The themes that are addressed in this movie are numerous and are an eye opener to the beautiful African history and culture. The first theme addressed is challenging the power structure. The leader of Wakanda, T’challa, is wanted out of power by many people. The first person who wants him out of power is M’baku and then his cousin Killmonger. T’Challa faces a lot of opposition in his way of leadership but not directly to the throne from his friends and allies like W’kabi and Nakia.

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Another example is when Killmonger sizes the throne and he goes against what the ancestors of Wakanda believes in by trying to topple the Western-dominated world order that seems to oppress black people. T’Challa also learns that Wakanda has remained stagnant and it needs to open to the world ideas, this is a positive aspect of the power disruption. (Coogler, 2018)

The women in Black Panther are shown to shatter and go against the Hollywood stereotypes. Without the women representation in this movie, this whole movie would not be as interesting. The women wear their natural hair and they are not oversexualized as seen in most Hollywood films. The most important fact is that many women characters have been used in this movie to show a black woman empowerment. Women of colour are not very represented in media as such. (Tsang, 2018). However, the absence of the father figure in the lives of most men in this film is very evident. When the film begins both T’Challa and Killmonger lose their fathers but on different circumstances. W’Kabi also loses his father during the Klaue’s attack. All these men do not get their father’s counsel and advice growing up. This is a clear depicted of what is happening in Africa-America societies where the fathers are mostly absent leaving their son and children without much guidance and counsel which affects their character as adults.

Blackness in the diaspora is brought into light by Killmonger, he is in touch with the historically burdened diasporic consciousness that connects the Akanda people and the two million blacks. He says ‘ look at them’ before feeling their pain and troubles as he looks at the vast resources that Wakanda people have but cannot help other blacks. Killmonger cannot fathom how the Wakanda can black but still not be in touch with Blackness and asserts that Wakandans should step up and address the injustices and violence faced by other blacks. Killmonger breaks the barriers and the fortress of Wakandans that defends against history and asserts a black people’s claim on Kinship (Williams, 2018). Therefore, the movie is ironical in the manner in which it simultaneously supports and resists being black. The fantasy about the erasure of the history that that led to Blackness as understood in the United States. (Williams, 2018)

The main character in this film is T’Challa, he is the king of Wakanda and he is tasked with protecting and fighting for the nation. The main antagonist is Killmonger and he seeks to take over the throne in order to take rule over Wakanda and for the greater good of the Black population. Women such as Wakia and Okoye are depicted as great warriors. Ramona is a former queen of Wakanda and the mother of T’Chala. Shuri is T’Chala’s sister and the mind behind all the innovations of the technologies in Wakanda. M’Baku is a leader in Wakanda, Zuri the chief advisor to the King, W’Kabi, a skilled warrior. There are other minor characters in this film that play a major role in its development and flow.

The language used in this film is both narrative and dramatic. The movie starts with the by narration and introduction to the Wakanda world. Majorly, the film is dramatic as we go through the entire plot and storyline. The play starts in a slow but vivid manner with the characters playing cool, it is an introduction to the lives of Wakanda people and their way of life. The tempo of the movie rises when it reaches the climax, it is uncertain and sad, this leaves me glued to the screen. A turn of events occurs when Killmonger is defeated and the movie slows down a bit before it comes to a dramatic end which is a happy end.

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The Characters in Black Panther
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