The characters Essay

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The characters

Harry Burns: A complete slob and a brooding pessimist with a grim sense of humor. Sally Albright: She’s cheerful, organized, and optimistic. The set-up The two main characters, Harry Burns and Sally Albright, dislike each other immediately. She’s cheerful, organized, and optimistic. He is a complete slob and a brooding pessimist with a grim sense of humor. Not long after meeting, they are stuck with each other on a long car trip from Chicago to New York City. To pass the time, Harry asks Sally to tell him the story of her life.

The scene: Harry: So……. since we have a long journey and I have all the time in the world. Tell me about your life. Your entire life story. Sally: My life story? Why would someone like you be interested in knowing my story? Harry: I am not interested. I just want to bite away some time. Sally: emm… well, my life has nothing that interesting to talk about. Harry: I thought so… u’r like one of those “high maintenance snooty new york execs” Sally: No, I’m not snooty!

I am organized, I love my friends and care for my family. I don’t need to be judged by a slob like you. Harry: ohhhhhhh! Somebody’s offended. Sally: Ass holes like you think just because you can throw down a few drinks, and nail some slut at a swanky bar, your life must be wild! I despise people like you, mister! Harry: You despise us because you can never have what we have. Sally: We can have everything you have and much more. We just choose not to! Sally: I’m going to sleep now… I can’t take any more of your noise!

End of scene What does this exercise tell you about film dialogue and what makes it work most effectively? This exercise tells us that film dialogue needs to short. Not too long. It can be unexpected and doesn’t necessarily need to have logic. Does it suggest that dialogue in films is different from dialogue in literature and drama? Yes, I do believe dialogue in films is different from dialogue in literature and drama because in literature and drama the dialogues can be a little longer.

But in films where each scene is about 2 minutes or less. It’s important to keep it short and sweet. In what ways is film dialogue close to or different from real-life conversation? Film dialogue is quite similar to real life conversation but unnecessary text may need to be cut out and all the lines would need to make an impact quickly to keep the audience interested. Since it needs to look real like the actors are actually having a conversation. It does have similar features of a real life conversation.

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