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Analysis of Main Character

Categories: CharacterKnowledge

The character I’m most like is sniff, he always look ahead and predicts things, and I always find myself looking into what gonna happen and predict what’s next.

The part that most influenced me is how Hem and Haw counted too much on their lifetime supply of cheese to last them and they got lazy, this made me realize and influences me to not count on things to be too constant.

You would’nt never know when life might hand you bad news.

I would apply it to my personal life by not counting on things to be too familiar when received and have things up to par instead of being lazy and always depending on that specific thing I may become familiar with.

My background overtime became toxic, It was always something bad happening not with me but things around me seemed to be negative. Especially when I was still in highschool I was always so used to things being handed to me and not realizing that’s not how things should be.

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Than After a year went by since I graduated everyday felt the same, I tried getting regular jobs near me and somewhat far from me and it never worked out, it made me feel like I had bad luck after a while. But that really was a main reason why I wanted to come to job corps, I wasn’t doing anything and I was fascinated at what trade I could get into.

The reason why I chose computer support is because of me growing up always on my computer and I always have been interested in learning new things that comes with computers.

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The thing that motivates me in life is to one day find a way to get my dream job, I’ve always to be voice actor and bring my own spice into voicing a character that may seem similar to me or different.

I wanna experience what that feels like to be the voice of a character in something popular or known only by me.

I would be excited to show up everyday of it, it would feel amazing to come to work, unlike most regular people who are obligated to get into specific jobs and hate it or just generally don’t like going to.

My goals are to find a career to do that I’m comfortable with and have knowledge doing every time I show up to it, my other goal is to get enough knowledge that sticks with me whatever I may get into or what I deeply set my mind on.

You could help my goals by giving me many knowledgeable things to learn that may stick with me for a life time, but overtime my goals have changed they went from trying to figure out how to get through highschool to more long term goals.

There was even a point in my life where i didnt even have goals and a point where I never knew what they were, in its own sense I’m glad I gained goals I need to work on myself on a personal level and make from what I see through my eyes a better person.

I sometimes wonder what would my life be like or what it would become if I never set personal goals to myself, such as me disciplining my self not to procrastinate and stop making certain excuses that are invalid and only believable to my own being and made me feel like it wasn’t wrong because most other people did the same thing, the fact of me putting myself on the same type of lane as most people who in reality fail or in own way give up slowly as many situations happen.

If someone asked how reading ”who moved my cheese” I’d say it gave me a realization from what my life was and how so far it’s turning out, it showed me that my life will change on if I work hard for the goals I want to eventually achieve, and get to the point in my life where I feel satisfied in what I get into and what I set my whole life upon.

Throughout my life ive learned alot and I would have thought I’d get to the point where I am able to work on my self and also I would have never read a book like this to metaphor life situations and the many steps to maintain a schedule to find a way to succeed in what it is specifically.

This is my essay on ”who moved the cheese and how it influenced me and my background and other specifics.

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