The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation Essay

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The Changing Role of Marketing in the Corporation

This article introduces the root of changes in the role of Marketing as time goes by. In the early year, there is a concerned on commodities which lead the agriculture to industry. A Producer – Consumer was created. By 1960, Managerial approach emphasized in the study of Marketing. Research was used to analyze the firm’s capabilities in the market. As the market became competitive, researcher focused on how analytical techniques can be used in profit maximization & find a point in which marginal cost will be equal to marginal revenue. The larger the firm, the more activities, the more dominant organization, and the more manpower was needed.

It also explains the types of relationships & alliances, in which used to build relationships between vendor – user, find a strategy on how to maintain such situation & improve quality of the products to continue attracting costumer. In redefining the Marketing’s role, it divided on three levels such as: At the Corporate Level: Market Structure Analysis, Customer Orientation and Advocacy, and Positioning the firm in the Value Chain – identifying the company. By analyzing the customer needs, it assesses market attractiveness, orientation, & development of firm’s overall value proposition.

At the Business (SBU) Level: Market Segmentation and targeting, Positioning the product, and Deciding When and How to partner – competition. It is based on more details of costumer, competitors, & firm’s resources. Delivering superior value to customers in comparison with its competition. At the Operating Level: The Marketing Mix and managing customer and Reseller Relationships – marketing mix. Implementing business strategy: products, pricing, promotion, & distribution. It is important for a marketer in managing relationships with customers, suppliers, & resellers. Looking at the people, processes, & organizations.

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