The Challenges of the Transgender Community

As a young adult in a world of issues and controversies, I chose to write about a very popular topic that recently has taken America by storm creating one of the biggest controversies of our time; Transgender rights. In March of 2016, North Carolina passed a law requiring transgender people to use only public restrooms and locker rooms that match the gender on their birth certificate (“Transgender Rights”). The article starts with this important fact and continues to describe the definition of the term transgender, which is, a person who identifies themselves as a gender that is not their assigned birth sex.

It goes on to discuss the controversy in a whole, an example being those celebrities and public officials who have taken a stand against discrimination of the (LGBT) community. This article also discusses the recent issues and controversies of the topic, including debates of bathroom bills, employment, gay marriage, violent acts, and anti-discrimination laws; each topic is talked about specifically throughout the article.

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After discussing what the discrimination against transgender people is, the article offers a look into the side of those who support laws to protect the rights of transgenders and those who oppose those same laws, giving the audience plenty of insight into both sides of the issue. Lastly, the article concludes with how the transgender community faces everyday challenges that are sure to continue through time As stated before, I am a young adult in a world of issues and controversies, I not only chose this popular topic to summarize it but also to give my opinions on the issue of transgender rights.

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To begin, I first want to make it known that I have nothing against those who are a part of the LGBT Community, but that doesn’t mean I do not have my opinions on this topic. First, I believe that transgender rights being one of the main controversies in the United States only shows one thing about our country; we are weak. As the entire country raises their voices to a topic that has been blown out of proportion for too long, we continue to forget the real issues that face our nation, in need of attention waiting for a difference to be made. When it comes to discrimination against transgender, let me be one of the first to say, “Who cares?” There have been worse cases of discrimination against African Americans, Hispanics, Women, and more. Here are some facts to help better understand my view.

There are only 0.3 percent of transgenders in the United States alone (“Bruce Jenner’s Transition”). To continue, there are an estimated 13.2 percent of African Americans in the United States (“Demography of the United States”). This is followed by an even higher number of Hispanics at 17 percent (“FFF: Hispanic Heritage Month 2015”), Finally, with an even higher percentage of women including those of all cultures and races at an estimated 47.4 percent (“Women by the Numbers”). In conclusion, I do not oppose transgender rights, and I also do not support them. I simply believe other, much more important matters in the world are being trampled by the LGBT Community and its string of controversies that will always leave America blind to its potential future.

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