The Challenges Of Globalization

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Answer each question using your new knowledge of current global trends. Each question is worth 6 points, for a total of 30 possible points. (6 points)

1. Many workers throughout the world make such low wages that they have a difficult time simply surviving. How can people laboring for starvation wages address the economic problems they face? Write a letter, talk about it and or protest .

(6 points)

2. There’s a widening gap between rich and poor countries. What could an international organization such as the IMF, World Bank, or WTO do to address this problem? The IMF could provide loans to help the countries handle a shot term financial problems.

The World bank could give them loans 15 to 20 yrs at lower interest rates than those charged by commercial banks.

(6 points)

3. Many developing countries are experiencing “brain drain” as their educated and skilled workers leave in search of the better pay and higher standard of living available in developed countries. What can these countries do to address this problem?

Increasing international trade, significant economic growth, and reduced poverty will address this problem.

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(6 points)

4. Despite global media attention, protests, and boycotts, many governments around the world continue to commit and tolerate human rights abuses. How could the U.S. government help address this problem? The U.S government should prohibit commerce and trade with those governments around the world.

(6 points)

5. The world is facing greater and greater pollution, along with the depletion of natural resources. Every person in every country is affected by damage to the earth’s environment.

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What can be done to address this problem and to either reverse the damage or at least try to limit the amount of damage that will be done in the future? Reduce the production of produces that are contributing to the pollution. Such as plastic in our water systems, coal burning in air, and plant more trees. The country should educate people about is actually happening to the earth.

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The Challenges Of Globalization
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