The Celebration of Independence Day in Guatemala

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Is Independence day important to Guatemalans? They have parades with many amazing aspects, a variety of food, unique music , and firework displays. The people walking the parade wear colors representing their country.

Guatemala followed the Spanish rule for over 300 years. Every year on September they celebrate Independence day in a very unique way. Although the schools do parades on the 14 of every September they work hard ‘ Guatemalans start preparing for festivities in long distance. Most schools are already hard at work rehearsing for their parades and their national anthem’.

1 The students go out on the streets and do their dances, play on the marching band, go out with their flags. The clothing they wear to their parade consist of two colors blue and white the colors on the Guatemalan flag. Many women wear bright colored patterned clothing representing their indigenous aspects.The bystanders show their support to the students in many ways they “…wave, whistle and clap, and drivers honk horns as torch runners pass by.

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On the day of the parade many vendors come out and sell food such as tamales with champurrado de atole, rellenitos, bunuelos, pupusas and many more. For most of us tamales are simple there’s red and green sauce tamales with pork which is the basic. In guatemala there’s a variety of choices such as tamales of crn, rice or potato dough , some meat, and sometimes hot peppers. The vendors often sell their tamales with a drink on the side which is champurrado. Champurrado is quite similar to hot chocolate.

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The two street items are rellenitos and buñuelos both fall into being a dessert. They are also in a ball form and then fried. The rellenito has black bean sauce while the bunuelos have anise flavored syrup. Although pupusas are from el salvador, guatemalans change it up a bit instead of using refried black beans they use curtido which is pickled cabbage.

Aside from the food there’s the music and the firework display. Although many may believe Marimba is a type of genre it is actually a instrument. It is a “…wooden, xylophone-style mallet instrument…” 5 this instrument became a very important role in the guatemalan culture. That same day later at night there’s a firework display. The most popular firework display is el toro de fuego which is a metal bull frame with fireworks attached to it. There is always a person carrying the bull and running around the streets.

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The Celebration of Independence Day in Guatemala

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