The Cause and Effect of a Great Marriage Essay

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The Cause and Effect of a Great Marriage

The causes for marriage are to maintain and appropriate relationship with one of the opposite sex. While gaining a bond with the person that you hope to share the rest of your life with. Many people are okay with the fact that they love someone and they are in their life. When you love someone you want to take it a few steps further. By making that person apart of who you are because once you are married you do become one.

The initial meeting of someone is a time that we might not take as serious as when we decide to allow feeling to take control of us. Once there are feelings come into play we have progressed to more than friendship. Those feeling then help you to see if this person is someone that compliments who you are. There should be steps that are taken to be sure that this is the one for you.

In marriage you never want to move too fast because once you are in the relationship you should want to stay. We see people getting married and walking away from the person all of the time. This is a step that we want to stay away from and we can with preparation. One of the steps would be one trying to get to properly know the person that you are friends with. This does entail asking for background information on the person and there family.

Some people might believe that questioning someone’s family as well as friends might be a bit too much. If you are marrying someone you want to know that they are safe and will love you. Sometimes we have to go the extra mile as well as cross lines to see who we are with.

I also push buttons; this is to see if he is dangerous in any way. You never know a person, so I am told unless you live with them. Although, I do believe that to be true I also believe that you can do your best to get close to them. By getting close you find out information that you might have never been told. There are a lot of dangerous people in the world and they have not been caught. So by probing for information you can know the situation before it is too late.

I have taken many steps to get to know the person that I have taken to get to know the guy that I am dating. I do believe that it has made him work harder as a man and has made me a better person. I am able to say that because whatever it is that I ask of him I do also myself. This can only make for a great marriage, I also want him to see that if it is something that you really want then you have to work hard at it. I must say that I am definitely a lot of work and I only want the best. So while I strive for the best I want to be just that also.

With all of that being said, marriage is a lot of work and if you have a great friendship the marriage will only be better. The first cause is love and the second is the will to make things work. With lose too combined and the faith in God while allowing him to guide the relationship. One article wrote “A Oneness Marriage is formed by a husband and wife who are grafting intimacy, trust, and understanding with one another. It’s a couple chiseling out a common direction, purpose, and plan. A Oneness Marriage demands a lifetime process of relying on God and forging an enduring relationship according to His design. It’s more than a mere mingling of two humans—it’s a tender merger of body, soul, and spirit.” Oneness Marriage.” Oneness Marriage (2013)

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