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The Case of Old Family Bank Essay

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The interpretations of the case are valid in a sense that the situation of the employees are in complete grasp. However, the strategies needed to be enforced should look deeper into the situation. The strategy needed should be in a win-win standpoint wherein we improve the productivity while maintaining the stature of the bank itself. The case of the human resources at the Old Family Bank, simply put, could be analyzed as a case at which there is lacking motivation amongst its employees especially in the data processing unit.

The electronic data-processing unit, based on the constraints of the case, presents the lowest loyalty towards the company.

As a consultant, this is one of the major aspects that the management of the bank must work on. On the other hand, the check-sorting should be maintained at status quo in terms of loyalty improving strategies. Thus, increasing interaction between these two departments which both are important in the operations of the bank must be improved.

The question of conflicting skill-based salaries may be lessened if both departments interact with each other. This would dictate the elimination of alienation between the workers. True, this may not be done overnight and there may be some time for things to catch up but this particular investment on manpower would serve as a positive reinforcement on the situation.

Management could maintain working conditions in the data processing area and create shifts where both departments would interact (Hersey, Blanchard, & Johnson, 2000). Old Family Bank could even profit from this by lessening operating costs while improving worker interaction (Leopold, 2002). The bank could also opt for team-building activities which could further strengthen the camaraderie within the bank. On the management side, they should promote an environment of fair and a conducive working place. By encouraging camaraderie within the management structure, they are also marketing a positive outlook towards their clients, making Old Family Bank not only the best place to bank but also the best place to work as well.

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