The Cantonese Indian Cuisine

Cantonese cuisine was born on the southeast coast of guangdong china the third largest chinese city of the bay of shizi ocean the cuisine is influenced by thai india and southeast asian cuisines. this cuisine is fortunate to be born in an area with rainfall and a tropical climate. this area is called the guangzhou city known in the west as canton its a major chinese seaport with several pig and poultry farms throughout the area. cantonese cooking methods alter with different dishes some cooking methods uses are steaming stir-frying roast braising and sauteing.

the freshness of the produce quality and artistic display is very important in cantonese cuisine to give the consumer a mind-blowing experience. southeast asia has influenced.

The cuisine with bringing garlic curry coconut milk and mango to the cuisine. southeast asia countries all have an influence on cantonese cuisine. coconut milk originating from india located in southeast asia. yellow curry powder originating in india came through thailand traded to china through the shizi ocean trade 1 garlic dishes prepared by cantonese chefs are often roasted or steamed.

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roasting or steaming dishes with garlic included in it helps bring the dishes flavor out without overpowering it. mango flavors sauces used such as sweet and spicy such as a sweet and spicy mango chicken. thai cuisine influences have brought the mixture of spice called curry to cantonese cuisines.

The spices that curry consists of is cumin turmeric ginger dry mustard cinnamon coriander seeds and many other spices. curry has made its way into cantonese cooking traveling with traders slaves and laborers.

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The british started smuggling curry powder to cook because the opium trade had been outlawed in china. curry has spread fast in hong kong where the word for curry used in dishes that involve the spice would be the stir-frying method which is a method where ingredients involved in the dish fried in a small amount of hot oil while being stirred in a deep pot. meats cooked with the spice would be beef from their trading port with southern china and the chicken taken from their poultry farm. cantonese cuisine foods were.

Influenced by indian cuisine which brought coconut milk and rice noodles imported to them from the trading port with southern china. coconut milk is used as an ingredient in cantonese dishes coconut milk is used in most curry dishes to make the sauce creamy and not thick. the cuisine uses the rice noodles which is made with rice flour and water. rice noodles are cooked as a stir-fried or as a pan-fried dish that consist of meats or seafood with vegetables served in a sauce. rice noodle rolls are stuffed with shrimp from the shinzi ocean beef vegetables or other ingredients steamed in a soy sauce mixture and served as a snack small meal or as a variety of dim sum that is a chinese cuisine prepared as small bite-sized portions.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022
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