The Canadian and Taiwanese Offices of the Forever Young Global Advertising and Communications Team

The Forever Young global advertising and communications team was divided into 6 members in London office at the first quarter of 1999. Janet Carmichael was the team leader followed with an account director, account executive, agency’s creative director, an art director and a copy writer for the London office. By the first quarter of 2000, Carmichael has decided to set the global brand team in London. She also formed satellite teams in Canada and Taiwan to manage local advertising and communications team. Canada and Taiwan office were structure similarly with an art director and a copy writer.

Canada office divided further into direct marketing and interactive marketing groups. Canada team targeted the product line with below the average materials for its local market. These materials used to enhance and supplement the TV advertisement. Davids, account supervisor for direct marketing group, developed communication plans from the material he received from the kick-off meeting in London to determine the theme for the direct mail pieces and it has to be consistently with the global themes.

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Taiwanese on the other hand was very successful with their products launched. Lee, account director, formed the local team with an account executive to support the local market. She was responsible to recreate television advertisement followed by the idea from London and demonstrate the product’s benefit to Asian consumers.

The idea was originally developed in the United Kingdom targeting blonde’s customers. The main difference between Canada and Taiwan office was the communication approach. Canada focused to decentralize the marketing activity into direct marketing group and interactive marketing group with two account supervisors while Taiwan focused to centralize the marketing activity with one account director to support the local team.

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The key difficulties the Forever Young global team faced throughout the launch process were the communication and creative ideas. The Canadian team had trouble adapting the UK’s idea with the material provided from the kick-off meeting. Creative idea can be challenging to build on without completed understanding of the material.

The lack of communication was also the key during the launch process. Videoconferencing meeting was held every two months to maintain a mutual agreement with the product designs. As Janet Carmichael, I would decentralize the brand and give the Toronto team greater autonomy. As one of the staff working for a local office in Canada, he mentioned that it’s always difficult to adapt someone’s idea to build up creative idea for local market. This situation is especially true with different locations can have different cultural difference. Based on the fact that London is the main office with the executive directors who can make the decisions, the staff from Taiwan and Canada might not agree with the creative idea developed from the executive. I believe decentralized the brand would give more rooms for staff to expand their creativities. This will give them the chance to make their decisions for the brand. On the other hand, centralized team control can create conflict between the London and Canada. Creative idea from Canada might not be used and instead every staff need to use resources created from the executive team to follow the idea of the main theme created by the London’s office.

Another benefit to decentralize the brand is the budget problems. Taiwan office and Canada office can focused on their creative idea for the television advertisement. To continue with the extra creative teams might exceed the budget to maintain the teams. If I were to maintained centralized control, I would learn about different countries’ culture and give wide range of flexibility for the local team to enforce creative ideas that best fit with the local culture. This will not only allow more flexibility for the staff to use resources of their own to create television advertisement, but also reduce the budget to maintain the creative teams. Budgets would be a biggest concern to maintain the relationship with the long term clients. With staff quitting at the same can make it even more difficult to maintain the consistently of the team efficiency. Turnover rate can put the company at risk without an experienced leader. The benefit to continue with the centralization is that the client will understand Forever Young better with one decision maker at London’s office. As long as the creative teams have more flexibilities to work with their ideas to promote local television advertisement, this will eventually increase revenue to reduce cost to maintain the staff.

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