The Burning of the Parliament Building Essay

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The Burning of the Parliament Building

The Parliament Building that was burnt in Montreal was tragic that happened recently. .It is considered a crucial moment due to which the co-prime ministers of the united Province of Canada, Sir Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine and Robert Baldwin were especially disappointed .The St. Anne’s Market building lodging the Legislative Council and Assembly of Canada was burned down by Loyalist rioters in retaliation for the Rebellion Losses Bill while the members of the Legislative Assembly were sitting in session.

The episode is characterized by divisions in pre-Confederation Canadian society concerning whether Canada was the North American appendage of the British Empire or a nascent,sovereign nation. In 1837 and 1838 Canadians rebelled against the oligarchic rule of the British colonial administration, first in Lower Canada, then in Upper Canada (or the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario Respectively. Rumours is being spread stating that the parliament will be shifted to upper canada . Let us see what happens. Our country is a complete mess at this moment let us see what solution is going to come up to overcome this problem .It is considered to be a mob violence.

Mr. Johnson took the Chair of the Committee; and after some time when the meeting went on Committee were interrupted by stones and other missiles thrown from the streets, through the windows, into the Legislative Assembly Hall, which caused the Committee to rise, and the Members to withdraw into the adjoining passages for safety, — from whence Mr. Speaker and the other Members were almost immediately compelled to retire and leave the Building, which had been set fire to on the outside. Luckily they some how managed to escape this tragic event.

When Lord Elgin – he no longer deserves the name of Excellency – made his appearance on the street to retire from the Council Chamber, he was received by the crowd with hisses, hootings, and groans. His horse carriage was filled out of the yolk of eggs and rotten tomato. He will regret for his decision.

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