The Burkean Parlor Essay

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The Burkean Parlor

In an ideal world, a Burkean Parlor writing center, whether the collaborative type or in its own pure or hybrid form should be capable of seamlessly merging with the control kind and even harmlessly synthesized with the Storehouse and Garret models. In contrast with the pure Storehouse and Garret models, or the individual and the exterior genre, a Burkean Parlor is dreamed to be an open-ended knowledge center where there is individuality of the genius as there are collaborative knowledge processes. It can also be the interior type blending perfectly well with its own anti-thesis – the Storehouse exterior concept.

This is the new hybrid Burkean Parlor writing center – a composite of the Storehouse and the Garret models metamorphosing both as a collaborative and control knowledge center. The knowledge and writing center as envisioned here recognizes and anticipates the varying needs and psyche of the scholar. The current pragmatic and philosophical needs of the writers everywhere demand the most motivating atmosphere that will encourage a spontaneous, prolific and imaginative flow of creativity. This flow of knowledge, although extremely fluid as it is rigid, demands a new form of writing center.

Call it a hybrid Burkean Parlor or a new form of intellectual hub where every genius can be his own individual or in collaboration as well as in caution as a control button; where knowledge can be both sourced internally and externally. This neo-Burkean Parlor can be ideally called the Hub. Andrea Lunsford would be glad to join it as she must admit that in the scheme of linearity, her Burkean model could be slowly being rendered redundant and restrictive the way it did with the Storehouse and Garret models.

It is as open as any knowledge center and can be as private as a virtual online writing domain. The Hub recognizes the various forces within the universe that creates or brings knowledge constructs to those who become congruent with the forces that make writers write well and thinkers think well. The Hub in any university is the brain as well as the heart of the intellectual interfacing with the school community or anyone who happens to exude the radio frequency of the Hub.

It is the former student lounge as well as the internet cafe without the walls that divide the knowledge of the elite or the masa, the common man. It is equipped with the latest communication gadgets and circuitry that shames the traditional classroom: in fact, the Hub is the reason to come to school (Glasser. 1990). Its emptiness is a reason to move out of the school to find another Hub elsewhere. In the Hub, one can commune with oneself and bring out the most intriguing electronic autobiography for every one to read and develop a sense of belonging.

As most schools turn to exclusivity, the Hub recognizes no special talents – it is an inclusive school; only for those with a clean heart to write and the need to discover knowledge without the academic compulsion to do so. Freedom is the pervasive atmosphere, but discipline is sharp and vigilance foremost. Here, order is non-existent but the Hub is not chaotic. The Hub graduates students as many times as the students want, as well as it elevates writers to the next level of knowledge and writing. The Hub would look like heaven on earth.

Each one talks the same language despite the highly diverse backgrounds with each move and gesture of the writer giving a message of peace and quiet to allow knowledge and scholarly work to evolve in pure immaculate fashion – plagiarism free. The place is a real hub – teachers freely imparting knowledge and learners interfacing with other learners to collaborate and accumulate knowledge from within and without. It is freedom without the control and there is control without the pressure. New learners develop as they are inspired by the oneness in the Hub.

While there are many voices, there is only one song sung in the Hub – creative writing? The Hub would hire only people who believe in the richness of culture, the phenomenon of collaboration, the variedness of the sources of knowledge whether the internal Garret type or the Storehouse kind. Here, the manager is the chief motivator, the philosopher of the writing center and the only person therein who can write the best about the smallest thing on earth and lead the reader to strongly believe that it is the biggest thing on earth. Lunsford would have loved the place to tickle her into creating the new Burkean Parlor once more.

Inside the Hub, the students would be taught on stabilizing ethics even in the most trying times; on critical thinking without the excesses of rhetorics; writing skills that can move the heart to tears and chuckles no end; and, an on sustaining an imaginative mind to create a peaceful written or online virtual world where the ideal is just a pen stroke away. The lessons here are endless and borderless. Everyone is welcome to be one among them. It is a university within a university. No encroachment here; only an existence arising out of another’s existence: a university creating another university: a university that has not lost its soul.

(Lewis, 2006) The Hub will make sure that students are guided into maturity and wisdom without the painful experiences of everyday life. For them, life is both pain and pleasure and one cannot exist without the other. Acceptance here is academic, hence pain is predictable but bearable, but it becomes truly excruciating as he beings to write. Here, the students are given a tour of life itself, and the crossroads available to each. Everything is there: the experiences, all of them, at the push of a button. The student is given the rare experiences of his lifetime: in physical as well as virtual realities.

Inside the Hub, there is no difference between virtual pain and physical pain. Both are felt. The writers and knowledge worker in the Hub learns to be surprised at his own writing skill – able to grapple with the exact word and the best adjective fit for the scenario. Indeed, the Hub is a writers’ paradise where awareness (Clark, 2002) is knowledge itself… It would not be difficult to relate to the students because the Hub creates the mood for the writer. Anyone can come at any phase of the activity within without feeling like a stranger and still come out with all the stories that abound. List of References

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