The Bully Essay

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The Bully

My book that I’m reporting on is called The Bully, written by Paul Langan. I read the whole book because it only had 190 pages in it. The story was about a boy named Darrell Mercer, who lived in Philadelphia. He was a skinny boy who was barely going into ninth grade, and short for his age. His mom got a job offer from her brother Jason in California, but when Darrell heard the news he wanted to run away, but he couldn’t do that to his mother so he had to stick with his mother. He went to a school named Bluford High where he couldn’t get along with anybody, but a girl he met at the supermarket named Amberlynn.

Darrell meets a new face; his name was Tyray, but Darrell thought he looked like his friend Malik and wanted to become friends with him, but joke was on him. Tyray was a threat to him and his mother and expected money from Darrell every week. When Darrell makes a big decision on either running away from the bully or facing him upfront, he decides on what he thinks what’s best for him and everyone that lived in fear from Tyray. Darrell Mercer was a small scared kid afraid for his and his mother’s life. He missed his best friend, Malik, because he had no one to offend or fight his battle between Tyray.

After being bullied and paying Tyray with his mother’s money, Darrell decided to join the wrestling team because he was tired of everyone calling him small and skinny. Darrell’s goal was that if joining the wrestling team made him bigger, taller, and buffer than maybe he could stand up to Tyray. He knew that it would be too good to be true, but he didn’t stop going to his wrestling practices. All Darrell’s best friends were of course Malik, Big Reggie, and Mark. And all his enemies were Tyray and Rodney, and of course everyone that made fun of him.

When Tyray pretended to trip and plastered Darrell with his own lunch and Darrell seeing a lady cleaning his own mess up, Darrell said that he had enough. Beating the bully made him feel big, and threat free, but when he got in trouble, he had told the principle of what everything that happened between him and Tyray when he first got to California. This book is kind of like a hero’s journey because the hero or soon to be hero is Darrell. His call to adventure was when he and his mother had to move to California.

His mentor for everything that was happening with the bully was a teacher named Mr. Mitchell because he gave him really good advice. The challenges Darrell had was trying to pay Tyray the money each week, and not talking to the girl he liked because the bully told him not to. His abyss was trying to beat the bully at his own game. Darrell’s transformation is where he stood up to the bully and finally from all the wrestling practices, gave Tyray a taste of his own medicine. The atonement is where Tyray never bothered him again because he knew what Darrell was capable of. And finally is the return, Darrell came to California as a skinny, terrified kid to a wealthy, friendly, and a little bit bigger than he was.

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