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The Breeze Essay

I awake every morning sharp at 6 a.m., by now it’s become of ease to do this without struggle or question as to why I am not resting in bed. I head towards the backyard where a chill breeze awakes even the microscopic hairs that lay on my neck. I pull the same wooden chair, handcrafted by my grandfather with such minute detail that brings images of Giotto and his creations during the renaissance era, simply to sit and breathe the smell of the ocean. The breeze is like one I cannot explain for words cannot make justice to the purity and cleanse of the air that hits my face. I watch as the waves roar and crash time after time, yet no wave is the same. Than when I see the seagulls flock their wings and head towards the pier I feel a ray of warmth, the immense sun has awoken.

Nature has given me the privilege to experience such beauty though not many can see it the way I do. The sky is so blue and the clouds look like soft white sheets, similar to the ones forbidden to touch in the guest room. One looks just like a mountain which brings images of Yosemite to my head. Meanwhile towards the east where the lifeguard bunks stand, climbing upward surpassing the bold American flag I see endless amounts of shapes. Some look like rubies and diamonds which perhaps is a sign Mothers birthday is nearby. Though it is just a cloud and within minutes it has a new definition with its new shape.

When nightfall hits, the clouds become dense leaving only gaps for the moonlight to strike the sea. Though the temperature has dropped immensely it does not hold back the brave hungry pelicans to soar a hundred yards up and like a kamikaze come rippling thru the water to simply survive on perch. As the seals head into depths of the ocean I ponder as to what the lighthouse flashes its eye burning lights too. Perhaps fisherman at sea returning home or simply for guidance of the boats.

I glance upward to see billions of sparkling diamonds above me, the stars that twinkle and make such interesting perfect designs no human could ever create. The air so crisp and calm that it mellows me down preparing me for bedtime. I glance once more at the immense sky and only admire this beautiful planet called Earth. I am left pondering what else is out there, the nebulas, the cosmos and other planets but for now those images will simply be imagined only within my dreams.

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