The Bread Salt Essay

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The Bread Salt

• BOY – main character of the play (Note: He doesn’t have a name in the story..)
• AIDA – object of the boy’s affections
• PETE SAEZ – guy who invites the boy to join his band
• OTHER BANDMATES – preferably two guys
• JOSEFINA AND ALICIA – Aida’s cousins (Note: Maybe we could just mention them instead of adding them to the play? What do you guys think?) Sets
Set in 1930s Philippines
• Bakeshop
• Aida’s House (for the party)
• School (This is where Pete invites the boy to join the band.) Scenes

1. Boy goes to bakeshop and buys pandesal. After buying, he heads home, passing by Aida’s house. Soliloquy of boy about Aida. 2. In school, the boy is shown to excel in his class, especially in the violin. Pete Saez invites the boy to join his band. He hears that Aida will spend her Christmas vacation out of town. 3. School again, Christmas party. Pete tells boy that their band has been hired to play in Aida’s house. There will be a surprise party for Aida’s cousins. The boy talks to Aida and discovers that she won’t be spending her Christmas vacation out of town. 4. Aida’s House. Party starts while band plays. Aida appears and then starts to play the harp. (Note: Maybe we can use another instrument other than the harp?) 5. Finally, the band stops playing, and they are ushered to the food. The boy sees the yema and stuffs his mouth with it, even wrapping some in napkin paper. Aida sees him and offers to wrap a big package for him. 6. The boy heads out the balcony, all his affection for Aida gone. He throws the yema out of the balcony. 7. The party is over. The boy invites Pete to go to the bakeshop and buy bread.

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