The Brain Left vs Right Essay

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The Brain Left vs Right

The brain is a continually researched part of the human anatomy. With advances in technology, medicine and psychology it has been continually researched. The current science we have now reveals many things about the brain, such as there are two hemispheres in the brain, the left side and the right side. How much truth is there behind certain hemispheres impacting learning differently? In this essay we will take a look at each hemisphere separately, together and there correlation to learning determining and evaluate any actual facts.

The left hemisphere of the brain is assumed to control certain functions more so than the right side. The left brain is often more associated with tasks involving logic, analytical thinking, and language. Much of the research is controversial as to if each hemisphere is different, and unique. Hines (1987) states, clearly there “are differences between the two hemispheres of the human brain” in regards to how “they process information.” This being said if the left hemisphere is mainly in charge of language and logic, what is the right responsible for?

The right hemisphere is thought to control expressive and creative tasks such as emotional, creativity, music etc… There have been multiple studies that point towards each hemisphere having more control over certain areas than others. That being said there is controversy that you are using both hemispheres equally. There are many theories out there but no one hundred percent facts yet. With this in mind is either side more advantageous in regards to learning?

The hemispheres usually work together in every aspect, they work together to create the best outcome. In order to read, for instance, a person needs to constantly access both the left and right hemispheres of the brain simultaneously. The brain has something called the corpus callosum, a bundle of nerve fibers. This is what allows the two brain hemispheres to communicate and transfer information freely. Brain Yochim et al. “…hypothesized that the RH [right hemisphere] performs a “coarse grain” analysis from which the LH[left hemisphere], which performs a “fine grain” analysis, then selects the most appropriate interpretation.”. Obviously the brain functions as a whole but is either side more advantageous in regards to learning?

Then if each of the hemispheres of our brain has certain functions or specialties, this would make the brain avoid duplication of function. According to Ann Hermann-Nehdi “the brain functions as a whole, not two individual parts-has evolved into a useful framework for learning and performance.”(2010). The hemispheres work together making all learning a combination of the left and right hemispheres. There is however, a tendency if you will for one hemisphere to be more dominant. The dominant hemisphere directly effects how each individual will respond to new experiences and learning techniques. With this knowledge in mind we are better able to decide the style of learning to pursue.

There has been and will be continuous research into the anatomy of the brain. The brain in its complexity may one day be figured out. When that one day comes maybe the facts will push humanity even further toward greatness. The two hemispheres of the brain may be responsible for different things, but both are used. In regards to learning that is also the case, we use both hemispheres and different learning styles to create the most logical interpretation of the presented information. The brain is a complex organ and the continual advances in science and technology may one day lead our knowledge of learning even further.

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