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The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas Essay

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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is about this boy that is called Bruno that’s 8 years old and his dad is a Nazi officer. Bruno has an older sister, a maid, 3 best friends that are called Daniel, Karl, & Martin, and of course a mom and a dad. Bruno and his family have to move to Berlin to a new house because his dad got promoted because he had a chance to meet the “The Fury” (Adolf Hitler) to be control of a concentration camp.

Bruno had to leave to a new house and his three friends. When he gets to his new home he doesn’t like it and feels homesick because there was nothing fun to do or had any friends to play with. One day when Bruno sneaked out of his house and was wondering in the wood and saw a camp that he thought that was a farm but it was actually a concentration camp. When he got closer and closer then he saw this kid that was the same age as him and was called Shmuel and a fence where separating them.

Then they started talking and became friends.

Then each day Bruno started bringing him food. Then Shmuel told Bruno the truth that he was imprisoned because he was a Jew and Bruno didn’t care. One day Shmuel got caught eating a cake by a Nazi officer and Bruno with him. Then Shmuel explained that Bruno gave it to him and Bruno denied what Shmuel said. Several days passed and Bruno didn’t go visit Shmuel. Until one day he went to see Shmuel and he had a black eye and Bruno apologizes for it and they become friends again. Days passed and they both planned that Bruno would be in the other side of the fence with Shmuel so they can play all day. When Bruno got to the other side of the fence some Nazi officers appeared to take the Jews to the gas chamber. Then his mom told his dad that Bruno is missing and they went to look for them. When they got to the concentration camp Bruno’s dad told him to not turn on the gas chamber. It was all too late and when they got there they found out that Bruno was already dead.

The movie was based during World War II and its located in Germany Berlin most of the time. This was where some of the concentration camps where located at and that’s where the main character of the lives. The Nazi party blamed and made propagandas about the Jews that they were the fault why Germany is in the ruined. The reaction of many countries for Germany’s action was going to war with them. The Allied powers were the Americans, France, United Kingdom, and Poland. The Axis powers were the Germans, Japan, and Italy. Many of the Germans where supporting Hitler because they thought that he could make Hitler a strong country again.

The War lasted between the years 1939-1945. The camp that Bruno’s dad was in charged (Auschwitz) was an actual camp during World War II. This was accurate to because the holocaust really happened. The fact that people was actually beaten up and putted in gas chamber really happened to. Somewhere inaccurate to because the Nazis would have killed people that weren’t able to work. Shmuel wasn’t old enough to work so he should have been one of the first persons to die. The concentration camps fences had electricity.

So Bruno wouldn’t be able to crawl under the fence because he would have been electrocuted. I thought that the movie was really sad and really good. The sad part was that Bruno and Shmuel died at the end because they were innocent. It was really good to because it was a very well built movie with some accurate facts and at the same time inaccurate facts. This made me learn not that much about WWII because I still remembered all this stuff from 8th grade but it still refreshed my mind on how WWII was.

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