The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Essay

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

In the text “The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas” the plot plays a major role. The story is about an Eight year-old called Bruno who is the son of a Nazi officer, when his father gets promoted by the Fuhrer which takes Bruno’s family from a nice house in Berlin to an isolated area where Bruno has nothing to do and no-one to play with. He ignores his mother’s repeated instructions and starts exploring by walking along the fence. He then eventually meets Shmuel a boy who coincidentally has the same birthdate as him and lives on the other side of the fence.

They then become friends and despite Bruno’s betrayal to Shmuel when Lt Kotler was asking whether Bruno knows Shmuel, Bruno then realises his betrayal is filled with guilt. Before his betrayal happened Bruno has been very loyal by bringing him food and even embarrassed himself by telling a lie to his sister so she won’t find out about Shmuel. Bruno’s family decides to leave Auschwitz and decides to spend the last day there, by helping Shmuel find his papa and gets caught in the death march inside the gas chambers.

In the film “The Kite Runner”, the story is about a rich boy called Amir and his servant and friend, Hassan. Amir doesn’t care much about Hassan’s feelings and he pretty much treats him as a servant. Baba is ashamed of Amir since he cannot stand up for himself because when Assef and his other buddies pick on Amir because he is “friends” with a Hazara but Hassan stands up for Amir and threatens the bullies with a slingshot.

When they win the kite cutting competition, Hassan goes and retrieves the kite but he soon meets with the bullies, Amir soon finds him and witnesses the situation of Hassan not giving up the kite and gets raped by Assef. Baba is proud of Amir winning the kite competition but Amir feels guilty, Amir then plans to get Hassan kicked out of the house by saying he stole his watch he got on his birthday. Baba forgives Hassan when he admits into stealing his watch just to protect Amir but Hassan’s father knows what happened and leaves with Hassan.

Then it fast-forwards to June 1979 when the Soviets intervenes and is forced to flee to Pakistan with Amir and lets Rahim Khan take care of the house. Then it fast-forwards to 1988 where they already arrive in America with almost nothing where Baba runs a service station. Amir soon gets married and after a while Baba dies. In the year 2000 Amir gets a phone call and finds out Hassan is his half-brother and there is way to “be good again” but then he finds out he died and tries to seek redemption by rescuing Sohrab who was taken away from the orphanage.

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