The Borderlands La Frontera

Almost everywhere, feminist theory and movements often push each other. In the YouTube video, the sociologist Patricia Hill Collin not only actively contributes in the black feminist movement, but also develops black feminist ideas. As in the reading and the research of Lorber’s points, “The important point made by multi-ethnic feminism is that the subordinate group is not marked just by gender or by ethnicity or religion, but is in a social location in multiple systems of domination. Collin further conceptualizes intersectionality and proposed that other powers such as race, class, and gender formed in a social system.

She emphasizes that intersectionality is the connection point between macro and micro processes and proposed a Matrix of domination to describe how structural factors and inter-individual power relations are tangled and oppressed. In other words, one must examine how the racial, class, and gender systems are tangled, as well as the existing social status between individuals and multi-ethnic. She believes that the analysis of the Matrix of domination should be combined with individual or multi-ethnic circumstances, which in her term - Situated standpoint.

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According to Collins, the study of marginalized groups should be based on the experiences in the unequal system and the resulting perspective.

On the other hand, social change not only brings about the social differentiation of female, but also causes multiple groups within the female, let’s say elite, middle-class, disabled, and even homosexuality etc. At Gloria Anzaldua's Borderlands La Frontera, she emphasized the permeability of the US-Mexico border, which fully creates a mixed environment, which she mentions Chicano (Mexican-American) or tricultural.

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For example, national borders and many ethnic groups is a mixed place.  She discusses, “Being the supreme crossers of cultures, homosexuals have strong bonds with the queer white, Black, Asian, Native American, Latino, and with the queer in Italy, Australia and the rest of the planet”.

Borderland represent a place where politics is highly integrated, academically creative, and morally. In other words, under this power relationship, Anzaldua also absorbed elements from different cultures as a Latino and Indian, but to abandon the stereotype of Chicano's cultural patriarchal rule and fear of homosexuality. On page 79, she also mentions rejecting the authenticity of cultural purity. Anzaldua works so hard to resist the supremacy of male prejudice (masculinity), homosexual discrimination, etc., because these boundaries will only be assembled into a larger diversity and isolation in the society.


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